Visit Colorado: Why There is Something For Everyone

When it comes to travel around the USA, there is such a range of places to choose from. The locations have some similarities, but you will find new things to see and do in each one of them. One of the states that certainly is worth a look is Colorado. The terrain is varied with the countryside, mountains, and great city locations. So there really is something for everyone there. If you have never been before, here are a few reasons why you should visit.

The Mountains and National Parks

Pikes Peak colorado
Pikes Peak

There are plenty of mountains to choose from in Colorado, all offering different views and things to do. The national parks are just as stunning and full of gorgeous scenery and wildlife too. You could head up to the Rocky Mountain National Park for long trails to hike, as well as large and spacious lakes. You could go to the Fern Lake Trail which is an area known for fishing, hiking, waterfalls, and even camping.

So if you love the outdoors, Colorado is a must to visit. Tenderfoot Mountain is a great place to hike, with some smaller little cities around it. Dillon and Silverthorne are the places to visit in that area if you fancy a rest in between hiking or water sports. So check the things to do and restaurants in Dillon and Silverthorne before you go.

The Skiing

Visit Colorado

The skiing in Colorado is some of the best in the world. There are several areas, with Aspen, Vail, and Breckenridge being the best known. The climate is perfect for skiing in the winter months. So the best time to visit is anytime from December until the end of the season in the middle of April. There is plenty of fresh snow with it snowing regularly.

With the mountains being so high, unlike a lot of European ski resorts, the snow stays in fantastic condition; even when the sun shines! There are other things like snowmobiling and dog sledding that you can do too. There are plenty of fantastic hotels in the ski resorts, catering for all budgets and requirements. The towns are chilled out, with some great food and bars, for plenty of apres ski fun.

The Shopping

shopping in colorado

In the larger cities like Denver, there are lots of fantastic places to shop. The malls are great and really varied. If you’d prefer to shop in outlet stores, then there are plenty of outlet malls to keep you busy. The Cherry Creek Mall is the premier mall in Denver, full of designer stores, as well as some of the regular ‘high street’ stores.

The Museums and Galleries

There are a large variety of museums and attractions to visit in Colorado. So you don’t just have to be interested in the outdoors to visit the state. There is the Museum of Art as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art. There is the Kirkland Museum for fine art and design, so lots for art lovers. Other attractions are the Museum of Nature and Science, the Children’s Museum and the Air and Space Museum.

Have you ever been to Colorado?

6 thoughts on “Visit Colorado: Why There is Something For Everyone

  1. I love Colorado too but I’ve only been during ski season haha. You should definitely go skiing one day, and take your best friend with you. But you should try snowboarding instead of skiing. You’d probably like it better since you’re more of a skateboarder anyway 😉 They have these places on the mountains called terrain parks, that are like the skateparks of the snow, where you can do tricks and it’s SO fun. They have slope jumps, rails, funboxes, etc… of all difficulties too, I’m by no means super good at it.

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  2. Colorado is probably my favorite state to visit and the one we visit the most. We are big skiers and hikers, so obviously the mountains are a big draw for us. If you like to ski, check out Steamboat, Colorado too someday. It is a great ski town!


    1. Never heard of Steamboat! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂 I absolutely love the mountains.

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  3. It is really amazing to read your article, you made Colorado much more beautiful!


  4. After reading this article, I got the experience of how Colorado is a beautiful place.


    1. It’s very beautiful.


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