List: Things I Miss From my USA Life Part II

List: Things I Miss From my USA Life Part II
  1. Guglhupf: my favorite bakery/cafe/restaurant back in the US.
  2. Extra sharp cheddar cheese (Cabot Extra Sharp too be specific. I seriously recommend it.)
  3. Quiet sleep.
  4. The trash trucks that pickup your trash every week. (The things we take for granted, right?)
  5. Baby spinach.
  6. Berries (strawberries/blueberries/raspberries…)
  7. Bagels and cream cheese.
  8. Having a closet.
  9. Kraft Mac & Cheese (who doesn’t love some for a quick comfort dinner every now and then?)
  10. Parmigiano-Reggiano  (I guess the secret is out: I am a cheese lover).
  11. Wine (The ability to find cheap good wine very easily).
  12. Canned tuna.
  13. Better chocolate (Cadbury is alright but I am spoiled with Lindt Sea Salt Dark Chocolate which I could find easily in the US).
  14. A better camera (We had to give up our DSLR before coming to India, and for now, I am stuck with my phone and a used point and shoot).
  15. Our reclining sofa where we used to catch up on shows and snuggle with Simba, the best cat ever.
  16. Did I mention washer and dryer in my first list? I did, but it deserves a double mention.
  17. Same with house tenant bugs.

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I Never Knew I Would Be So Happy About Windows

I Never Knew I Would Be So Happy About Windows

The path to our backyard.

We live about 100 feet from the train tracks. Trains come about every hour , which we don’t really mind during the day, but as you can imagine it is not very pleasant at night, AT ALL. Josh almost lives with earplugs, but if I sleep with them, I wake up with a headache. Continue reading

Photos: A Gift From The Field

Photos: A Gift From The Field

field farmers train

Josh and I went for a walk, and when we got to the field after crossing the train tracks, we saw some women, men and children working in the field. It seemed they were harvesting. One women motioned me to come and offered me some of what they were harvesting. They were some kind of beans in a skinny green pod. She gave me a bunch and I put them in my bag. Josh and I continued our walk and I wished I had taken some photos of the moment. Continue reading

Fresh Indian Food Cooking (and Rooftop Neighbor Chat)

Fresh Indian Food Cooking (and Rooftop Neighbor Chat)

One of the things I am loving about India, (and this area in particular) is how fresh the food is. There is only one “grocery” store, no chains, and produce markets and stands everywhere, so all the cooking is organic and fresh without even trying. At the shop next door you order spices and they give you the amount you want wrapped in a piece of paper. Continue reading