Monthly Best Of: March 2014

It is that time of the month, when I share with you the best posts of the month determined by most likes, most views and most commented, just in case you missed any of them! You are welcome.

(Order is by oldest to newest)

1. The Indian Headshake and Its Meaning

“The film presents an array of headshakes and shows how subtle variations in velocity, vigour and amplitude of wobble denote different meanings, including: “yes”, “no”, “maybe”, “what’s up?” and “carry on”. Mathew admits that his headshakes have been somewhat exaggerated for comic effect, but maintains that it’s a true picture of a national trait. ” (BBC)

2. HDR Around The World (Part I)

Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna
Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna in HDR

A while ago, I experimented with HDR (High-dynamic-range) where you can reproduce a greater range of luminosity in a photograph by digitally overlapping different exposures of the same subject. You can do this in three ways: […]

3. Is it crazy to go against society’s expectations?

This post was a response to this prompt: Sometimes, we act on impulse: it could be something as small as ordering that special dessert on the menu, maybe asking out that cute boy or girl, or as large quitting your job and selling everything you own to become a shepherd in New Zealand. What’s the most crazy, outrageously impulsive thing you’ve ever done? […]

4. If Anyone Should Have A Role Model, It Should Be Dobri Dobrev

Meet Dobri Dobrev. Aged 98, he is a Bulgarian WWII veteran. […]

5. HDR Around The World (Part II)

Southwark, London, UK
Southwark, London, UK in HDR

6. Hometown Visit: Mexico City

The view from my apartment in Mexico City
The view from my apartment in Mexico City

The highlights of my 1 week trip to my hometown.

7. I Believe

washington park rose test garden
Rose Test Garden, Portland

A poem about my beliefs.

8. Bollywood Theater, Indian Street Food in Portland, Oregon

Indian street food in Portland
Indian street food in Portland

A review of the Bollywood Theater restaurant in SE Portland, OR.

9. 10 Differences Between Mexico City and the USA

Soccer Match at Estadio Azteca USA vs Mexico

10. Can You Forget How To Speak In Your Native Language? The Answer Might Surprise You

Bad translation.

If two years ago, you asked me if I thought it was possible to forget how to speak in your native language, I would have told you that no way. But if you ask me now, I would say, “yes, it happened to me.” […]

And the People’s Favorite of the Month Award goes to:

Street Life In India

india street rickshaw

Just a bunch of photos showing the liveliness of the streets in India.

Which post was your most favorite?

1 thought on “Monthly Best Of: March 2014

  1. I really like what you are doing with HDR


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