Nutribullet Fail And Smoothie Recipes

Nutribullet Fail And Smoothie Recipes

Last April, I received in the mail the nutribullet for my birthday. It was one of the best gifts I’ve gotten in my adult life. I used it almost every day to make breakfast smoothies. It started being the only thing we had for breakfast. It was yummy, healthy, and filling. I noticed good changes in my energy and my body almost instantly and it was fun coming up with new creations. I came up with many smoothie recipes.  Continue reading

[First Time] Riding A Scooter To Town and Shopping For Household Goods

[First Time] Riding A Scooter To Town and Shopping For Household Goods

Today, Shekhar, our Indian friend took me to town on his scooter to meet with his friend to help us shop for household goods.

The ride was about 20 minutes, my longest scooter/motorcycle ride ever, and it was in India. It was a bumpy, windy, dangerous and smelly ride, which I actually enjoyed. I have always enjoyed speed and wind, so it was fun.


Cows, of course.

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List: Things I Miss From my USA Life

  • My cats
  • Avocado
  • No bugs in my house
  • Cleanliness
  • Privacy
  • American grocery stores
  • Washer and dryer
  • Movie theaters
  • Dance class
  • Comfortable desk chair
  • Western toilet
  • American roads

No Privacy Shock

We are very happy to have so much help from the locals to help us setup in our new home, but sometimes it gets too much.

The next morning after moving in, Shekhar, who has been helping us, made breakfast for us and it was sweet. But he kept coming back every morning (and day and night) to ask if we needed anything. I do appreciate it but on the third morning when he came knocking on the door and we were still in bed, it started to frustrate me. That morning, I couldn’t walk from the shower back to my bedroom without the fear of being seen. Continue reading

First Time Grocery Shopping (in Ahmednagar)

First Time Grocery Shopping (in Ahmednagar)


On Monday, July 22, I went grocery shopping in Ahmednagar for the first time. It wasn’t easy. Ahmednagar is a small town, so American known items are super limited. It may be a different story in Indian big cities.

I bought a bunch of stuff I have no idea how to cook but I figured I have to learn. Indian basics like moong dal, groundnuts, lots of Indian spices, frozen paneer, and raw chana (chickpeas, which I’ve only used canned before.) Continue reading

First “Dinner Party”

First “Dinner Party”

Two nights after moving in, our newest Indian friends brought homemade mutton (chicken), rice and chapatis to our home and we had dinner.

But first we had Kingfisher beer and chips outside in our “porch”. The weather had been surprisingly pleasant lately, and I only got two mosquito bites. (Mosquitoes love me, I guess Indian mosquitoes like Mexican blood).


Our First Home in India

Our First Home in India
The backyard.

The backyard.

We moved out from MPR and into our new little house on Saturday, July 20.

We had Adinath’s help with transportation and finding a place, and we had Shekhar’s help for basically anything we needed. He wanted a job so we hired him on salary to help us. He set up the Internet in our house, he got us local phone sim cards, he provided us with food, and he even made breakfast and tea for us. Continue reading

Maya’s Play and Failing God

During our 10 days at MPR, Josh was dealing with Dilshad, the man that had come to India to help us, and after some days realized that he definitely overcharged us for phones, and was overcharging to start the company. We were finding that we were being overcharged A LOT in India so far, simply because Josh is a white American. After some days, Josh told me that we should have come straight to Ahmednagar and this man wasn’t help from God (what we first thought) but a deterrent from what God really wanted us to do. When I heard Josh say this, I felt instant sadness and pain and frustration. Let me explain: Continue reading