The Adventure of Riding A Motorcycle In India

The Adventure of Riding A Motorcycle In India

Riding or driving a motorcycle in India really is an adventure. Their crazy driving patterns and unique scenes make it a trip worth remembering.

Strangely, my husband and I may have fallen in love while riding a motorcycle together during the trip in rural India when we met in 2008. I remember, kinda dangerously, standing up on the motorcycle while hubby drove and opening my arms like the famous scene in Titanic. Love makes you do wild things am I right? (I think hubby was impressed too, at my sense of adventure.) He wasn’t “hubby” back then, of course.

These photos are not from that time. Hubby and I came back to India a few times and drove a motorcycle or a scooter together during these trips. I attempted to ride the scooter in India but it was harder than it seemed.

The Adventure of Riding A Motorcycle In India

india street

I like the scenes that you encounter when you drive a motorcycle (or any other vehicle) in rural India.

india street cowsindia street women

Like these women carrying goods to their homes.

india street womanindia street school kids

And these school children in uniform.

india street train1

Motorcycles and scooters are a very common ride in India.

Families riding motorcycles is a common sight.

Families riding on a motorcycle in India are a regular sight. Indian people can manage to ride with anything they set their minds to, from big families to giant metal poles.

Playing cricket. A very important thing in India.

Playing cricket.

Josh at the gas station.

Stopping at the gas station often is very common too. Indians, at least in rural India, never fill their tanks. When we asked to have ours filled they couldn’t understand us at first because nobody does that. People pay a few rupees at a time.

It’s fairly simple to fix your motorcycle if it breaks down as there are mechanics everywhere. It’s a good idea to learn about motorcycle parts to know exactly what you need.

india gas statiion

Above is the fire extinguishing “tools” at the gas station. Buckets of rubble.

india street tractor gas station

Tractor getting gas.

india gas station1

india gas station bwAt the gas station.858096_1152358424307_1936781111_oindia motorcycle 1india motorcycle roadindia ruralindia rural1

Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle in India or any foreign country?
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