I Never Knew I Would Be So Happy About Windows

The path to our backyard.

We live about 100 feet from the train tracks. Trains come about every hour , which we don’t really mind during the day, but as you can imagine it is not very pleasant at night, AT ALL. Josh almost lives with earplugs, but if I sleep with them, I wake up with a headache.

There is the train passing by.

To add to the train situation, the house came with terrible dirty old windows.

IMG_2185 IMG_2187

“They’re not that bad”, you might be thinking. But look closer…


They don’t close completely, which invites all kinds of bugs and loud noise.


They are broken.


And very dirty (even after trying to clean them).

Woah, right? I told you they were bad.

Twenty days after moving in, we finally got new windows. And guess who was excited? (Josh also) but I was!

Oh, but don’t celebrate with me so fast. There are three windows in the bedroom. The workers installed two of them, and while installing the third one, they broke the glass. So we had to wait till the next day for them to come install the third window with a new glass.

The next day came, but the workers never did. India, you can be really hard on me sometimes.

Two days later, they came and finally installed the third window. It was a happy day, but I still felt like I couldn’t celebrate just yet. I had to sleep through the night to see the difference.


The veredict: we live too close to the train tracks. Josh said the room is so much quieter, but for me, the train is still waking me up at night. I had no choice but to wear earplugs. I am still happy about new windows, though.

Next on my wishlist: install a western toilet.


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