Airbnb Stay Record

Do you know what Airbnb is? If not, you should if you travel at all.

Airbnb is a website where “hosts” put up listings to rent out their spare rooms or properties. There’s a big range of prices and options available. It launched in 2007 or 2008 (different sources say different numbers), and since then has topped 10 million guest stays and 550,000 properties worldwide. Listings include private rooms, entire apartments, castles, boats, manors, tree houses, tipis, igloos, private islands, trailers and more.
It has become my go-to website for booking stays whenever we travel anywhere. It has replaced hotels for us and for many people.
So far, we have used it to find somewhere to stay in Mumbai, Seattle and Portland.

So when we decided to fly back to the US (Portland) from India to renew our Indian visas, we booked a 3-night stay at the “Paris Room w/Shuttle Available.”  The private room looked comfy and lovely, the home looked homey, and a free airport pickup is always awesome, for $49 a night we would be staying with the owners of the listing, in their 3 bedroom home.

On September 27, we met Jason and Diane, our hosts, and thirteen weeks later we are still staying in that room!

Our Airbnb room, the "Paris room"
Our Airbnb room, the “Paris room”

We never planned to stay in the US for this long but events and circumstances, and mainly God, has kept us here, and Jason and Diane have always been so nice, patient, selfless, loving, and understanding with our situation; we have become friends for life. We all contribute to each other’s lives in different ways (they probably contribute to ours a lot more). There wouldn’t be a better place for us to stay given our current situation; Diane, Jason, and their home was truly a God-send.

We still have no idea how much longer we’ll be here. December has always made our lives very stagnant, so I think when 2014 begins, we will begin getting answers about where our lives are heading. Hopefully God will provide us with answers, or at least show us the way.

In the meantime, I’ll finish doing laundry, cook some yummy pasta, eat chocolate, watch some hulu, and enjoy the view.

deck sunset
The view.
portland sunset
Also the view.

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