Christmas Eve Spaghetti Dinner


I don’t know if you read last night’s post but I may have spoken too soon when I said we were not celebrating Christmas this year. After I posted my post, I went upstairs and found Diane in the laundry room. It was about 7pm on Christmas Eve so I figured they (Jason and Diane) had already had dinner, but Josh and I hadn’t and I didn’t feel like making something elaborate so I was going to make mac and cheese. But it turns out they hadn’t had dinner either, and Diane offered to make spaghetti and I would set the table.

In the meantime, Josh and I drove to the nearest Walgreens where Josh was knighted once , and now is known as Sir Joshua, and which was open till midnight on Christmas Eve, for a bottle of wine and 2 for $4 Lindt chocolate bars (my favorite). (Follow-up parenthesis: if you ever want to buy me some, my favorite are dark with sea salt, and dark with caramel, and dark with coconut. And don’t ever buy me white chocolate.)

christmaseve2013 1

When we came back, Diane surprised us by setting the table all Christmasy and cute with Santa paper plates on top of normal plates, fake candles, tin snowman, Santa, scattered mini presents, Santa soap dispenser, grandpa hand-made wooden house… It was a very lovely surprise. I think it made me the happiest in the house.

christmaseve2013 2

christmaseve 2013 3
Left to right: Diane, Jason, Josh, and Mani.

She even printed out our facebook profile pictures and put them on the table in a 2005 snowman frame. How sweet is that?


Josh was the first at the table; Jason was in the room talking to relatives, I was on the phone talking to my family in Mexico who were lighting fireworks (Christmas is celebrated on the 24th there), and Diane was finishing dinner and taking the picture above.

So Jason, Diane, Josh and I ended up having an impromptu Christmas Eve spaghetti dinner and it was perfect. I am truly grateful for them.

We also had some hot chocolate cake and ice cream.

christmaseve movie2013
Watching A Christmas Carol (1951)

Then we watched A Christmas Carol (1951 version). None of us made it till the end. It was good; we were all just sleepy.

It has been a while since I saw a black and white movie, and the film scores back then really impress me. It really takes the viewer across a journey without the need of special effects like we have now, it sets the mood just right and it takes you through different feelings just through music even with a very simply filmed scene. It’s quite something. Many movies like Psycho, Vertigo, Citizen Kane and Taxi Driver, I truly believe they wouldn’t have been so amazing if it wasn’t for the brilliant Bernard Herrmann, the composer of those film scores. Sorry, I got carried away, but I did study film after all.

Merry holidays once again!

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