Snapshots That Tell A Story

india street rickshaw

Photography can be very powerful; one single still capture can tell thought-provoking, tear-jerking or even amusing stories. Photographs can make us feel peaceful or inspired too. Whether the subject is a human being, a landscape or even an object, it can trigger a feeling and/or tell a story

Here are a few that will tell you a few stories, I’ll keep the details to a minimum to get your imagination going:

mexico ritual
Keeping the bad spirits away? Seen at the Zocalo, Mexico City

king ahmed tomb india23

Gathering flowers to offer to God in India.
Gathering flowers to offer to God.
What do you think, is this brotherly love or childhood sweethearts?
dhuni fire india
Throwing sins and desires to the fire.


india country rural
Faces of different ages, gender and feelings.

king ahmed tomb india13india kids india moms rural india shop

A newspaper in India.
A burnt, dirty and scrunched newspaper in India.

india street woman

West meets East.
West meets East.
shoe repair mexico
A cobbler in Mexico.
Pj’s, a cat, a fire and a Christmas tree.

ferry to seattle

A birthday ritual.
jewelry india
I wonder who he is buying jewelry for?
field farmers train
Smiling and hardworking women

happy indian kids

Two Russian beers and two dirty shoes.
Two Russian beers and two dirty shoes.
A creative swing.

happy manindian boy window

Which was your favorite story?

6 thoughts on “Snapshots That Tell A Story

  1. The child on the doorway swing is my favourite 🙂


  2. I do like the swing shot, Mani! 🙂


  3. Great mosaic of the shots!


  4. amazing photos, these speak a million words. the contrast between the smiling (free) elder and the young boy behind the (window) bars was poignant…


  5. I like the swing and the driving the evil spirits away shots. I want to know more about the evil spirit shot and think the swing is so sweet… but they all make me want to travel more!


    1. The smoke shot was taken in the historical center of Mexico City and it can be found in many places around Mexico. It’s a spiritual cleansing ritual to “cleanse” away any bad vibes and bad spirits that have been directed towards you.
      Incense and herbs are lit up and the person in charge smothers you in the smoke and swats you with the basil or eucalyptus branches while chanting in an ancient tongue.
      Some people do it for fun, and some do it to get rid of a series of bad luck they’ve been experiencing in some specific aspect of their lives (work, love, etc).


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