Rome, A Tiny Dot In The Vast Amazingness of Italy

Rome, Italy

Oh Italy, how enchanting can you be. From historical ruins, to impressive art, sublime food, amazing scenery, and wonderful night walks by the river with gelato in hand. I don’t know what it is about you that you hypnotize my soul and makes you have my heart and the ones of many others. 

Rome is just a tiny dot in your vast amazingness.

Let’s take a look.

Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Colosseum, Rome, Italy

rome italy coliseo rome italy7Rome, Italy

Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy
Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy
rome italy4
A notebook especially made just for me.

In reality, my name means “hands” in Italian.

rome italy rome italy1 rome italy2 rome italy3 rome italy5 rome italy6 rome italy8


What is your favorite thing about Italy?

10 thoughts on “Rome, A Tiny Dot In The Vast Amazingness of Italy

  1. Mi piace! 🙂


  2. Mani! E certo. Les mains! 😉


  3. We are starting our Italy trip this fall in Rome. Having never been your photos excite us even more!


  4. New to your site, but loving your posts! Rome looks absolutely amazing; I’ve never been but it’s definitely on my top 5 list!


    1. Hi Jane! I’m glad you like it here. Italy is awesome.


  5. My amore. 🙂 I moved to Italy for love over two years ago and now I’m discovering it little by little, slowly but for life.


    1. Moved to Italy for love, how great! I moved for love to but not to a place that romantic.

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  6. Hi Mani,

    I just discovered your blog and I’m looking forward to follow along. Always love to connect with fellow travelers. 🙂
    List of my favorite things about Italy goes on and on; but it would go something like this: amazing food (and the Italian approach to food), abundance of beauty literally everywhere you go, Italian lifestyle&style 🙂



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