Monthly Best Of: August 2014


Hello readers! We still have a day to go but I hope you had a great month. Mine was an eventful one since we had to replace our car and I went through a major oral surgery.

In the upcoming month I am looking forward to making a trip down to Mexico and not having oral surgery.

Here are your favorite posts from the month of August based on most views and likes:

1. 3 and a Half Years Later I Receive My Green Card!

2. Silhouettes Around The World

3. A Map of the Introvert’s Heart

4. The Deepest Eyes You’ll Ever See – Black & White Portraits of Indian People

india people bw amarthiti22

5. Being Silly on a Ski Trip in The French Alps 

val disere skiing france

6. Zigzag Around The World 

7. Horizons Around The World 

8. Breathtaking Scenery At The Dalles, Oregon Bridge and Dam 

the dalles or bridge dam10

9. Banana Green Tea Ginger Smoothie 

banana green tea smoothie3

10. Portland Style: Barbershop and Ice Cream Parlor 

portland saltandstraw ice cream1

The Most Liked Award Goes To:

Texture Around The World

king ahmed tomb india14

Which was your favorite post of the month?

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