This Week’s Small Pleasures #37


Our week started a little off when our young female cat went into heat for the first time. It was both my husband’s and my first time experiencing this. For lack of a more articulate explanation: it sucks.  The howling is constant and since we are both currently working from home, it’s kind of a problem. We had to lock her in the bathroom at night to get any sleep. We hate this because it’s irritating and because we feel bad for her, she looks like she’s suffering and we don’t like locking her in. I hope we can get her spayed before it happens again.

We also got stood up yesterday by the company that was going to come pick up and salvage our sick car (who’s engine is broken and we can’t afford to fix) in exchange for a bit of cash.

There were, however a few great small pleasures this week:

1. Getting back into my crossfit workouts. Some are quite tough but they boost my mood and my energy overall, plus they’re so good for my health.

2. I won a food-naming contest over at Travel Tales of Life. I had a bit of an advantage and I didn’t actually win anything palpable but it was still fun because I rarely win anything at all.

3. A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I decided to join the Red Cross as volunteers and started the process online. On Friday, we attended a new volunteer Red Cross orientation at the Oregon Chapter Red Cross Headquarters and it was invigorating. I feel like lately I have fallen into a rut and this is the kind of stuff that gets me excited; using my skills and time to help others with the help of an organization. It is very fulfilling. The more I learn about the Red Cross the more I am excited to work with them. I especially like their 7 Fundamental Principles which include Humanity, Impartiality and Voluntary Service.

4. It has been a while since we ate out in Portland and since we had to drive there, we stopped by our favorite Mexican place which is always amazing and always part of my small pleasures. This time I also ordered something different than usual and went with the flautas and a guava agua fresca. :p

The coffee shop inside the laundromat. source

5. After the mentioned lunch, Hubby needed to reply to an important email so we walked to the nearby laundromat (which is not like any laundromat you have ever seen; it’s clean, modern, cool, green, and inside has an amazing coffee shop and wifi) to get on the wifi. We had been there once before and didn’t check out the coffee shop area, but as we walked in this time I jokingly and sarcastically said “hey, I’m going to get some amazing dessert from the laundromat” and headed to check out the bakery section. My eyes (and tummy) were super delightfully surprised when I saw they had pastries from an amazing local gluten-free bakery and I proceeded to buy what was probably the best chocolate peanut butter cupcake of my life, from a laundromat!

6. Our cat’s heat-related constant wailing lasted only 4 days! From what I had read on the internet a female cat’s heat period lasts 7-21 days. We were so happy when we noticed that it was over and she was back to normal after only 4 days.

She’s a happy kitty now. (She is the one in the middle, brother is behind.)

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12 thoughts on “This Week’s Small Pleasures #37

  1. Hello again! Love your cats – so cuddly :))


  2. That laundromat looks so fun!!!


  3. Congrats again on the win of the Food Quiz. Advantage or not good for you. Good for you to be volunteering with the Red Cross.


  4. What a great idea. It is so good to think back on what at first might seem to be a dull week and realise that there were many small pleasures. I went for a wander around the local weekly “trash and treasure” markets and found a few wonderful treasures (at least I thought they were treasures) on Sunday.

    Thanks for letting us share! 🙂


    1. Yes, when I started this I realized that no matter how bad or boring my week was, there was always something to be happy and/or grateful for. Thanks for sharing your little piece of happiness 🙂


  5. love the idea of volunteering at Red Cross!!! sound great good for you!!!


  6. You’re cats look so adorable in that photo it’s hard to believe she could have ever been annoying!


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