This Week’s Small Pleasures #39


We had a pretty good week. There were several moments that I enjoyed a lot. Here are my small pleasures of the week:

1. Although this one was technically last week, it happened after I posted my last weekly pleasures: as a Mexican, I couldn’t help but be delighted and absolutely proud of the Mexican Oscar wins last Sunday. Two for Alejandro G. Iñárritu (directing and best picture for Birdman) and one for the brilliant cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki. I quite enjoyed watching the Oscars overall this year. (I’m a film buff)

2. We made progress on our mission to become Red Cross volunteers and attended a second meeting about the Disaster Services program.


3. For the first time this year, we had lunch al fresco at the beginning of the week! The weather has been so nice around here in Oregon and we enjoyed a truly lovely meal in Portland where we chose to sit outside and get some sunny vitamin D.

4. I ate mango. Mangoes are my favorite fruit and I grew up eating them but here in the US they are so pricey and they’re almost a luxury especially if you want them organic but this week I splurged and bought not one, but two mangoes for $2.50 each! Outrageous compared to prices in Mexico, but enjoyed them 🙂

5. On Friday night we were invited to have dinner with a couple in their 80s and a couple in their 20s, (and we are kind of in between considering our age difference), and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The older couple invited both us two and the other younger couple which we had never met. The dinner lasted almost 3 hours. There was interesting talk and lots of laughs. In the end the older couple payed for all of us; we weren’t expecting that. It was very nice going out and spending time socializing; we don’t do that very often, it’s usually just the two of us. It’s hard to make good friends when you move all the time and you don’t have steady jobs.

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What made you happy this week? 

Weekly Small Pleasures – Blog Event

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5 thoughts on “This Week’s Small Pleasures #39

  1. Mangoes are the best!! I love Trader Joe’s frozen mango chunks… inexpensive and so delicious. (Plus, for someone who has a lot of difficulty cutting a mango, the work is already done…)


  2. what a great week! especially #5…those kinds of conversations are my favorite!!


    1. It really was a great conversation! One that was overdue in my life. 🙂 Have a wonderful upcoming week!


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