Hats Around The World

Mexican tourists in Mexico City. Can you spot the only non-Mexican?

Talk about cliché. Mexicans (and one British) wearing sombreros and sitting on a donkey. Yup, that happened.

Hats: “a shaped covering for the head worn for warmth, as a fashion item, or as part of a uniform”, which means that even a piece of cloth can become a hat. Hats are cool, they can be very functional as they can be fashionable and even cultural. If you haven’t seen my 80 hats around the world post, check it out.

In this post I share photos of my own of people wearing hats for cultural, functional, fashionable or silly reasons. 

happy man

This cheerful man in India wears a turban for probably religious reasons.

bread budapest hungary

This man and this woman in Budapest are wearing red bandanas probably for sanitary reasons as they serve kürtőskalács, a delicious Hungarian treat.

voladores mexico7

This man in Mexico City wears an interesting cultural hat as he goes around selling items and collecting donations for the performance of his fellow voladores de papantla who are hanging by their feet behind him.

Hiking in the snow - Mirror Lake Trail, Oregon

Here I am wearing a hat for warmth while hiking in the snow at the Mirror Lake Trail, Oregon.

acapulco pool mexico coconut

Here is my mother wearing a hat to protect her from the sun while drinking a coconut in Acapulco.

india kids

Here is an Indian man wearing a white hat that matches his outfit.

acapulco mexico beach22

This man in Acapulco wears a baseball cap to protect him from the sun as he strolls around the beach selling delicious coconut ice cream.

the dalles oregon rodeo12

This girl wearing a cowboy hat is ready to go in with her horse at the Rodeo in The Dalles, Oregon.

oregon brew fest portland1

These two men, very suitably, wear beer hats at the Brew Fest in Portland, OR.

Here we see a bar full of men and women wearing hats for fashionable purposes at a Kentucky Derby watching event in Portland.

me pool

Wearing a black cowboy hat in Durham, North Carolina, cause that’s what you do in “the South” right?

portland st johns dogs

This man with two doggies looks like he came out of the Sherlock Holmes books as he wears a trench coat and a hat to protect him from the rain in Portland, OR, meanwhile I befriend his cute pomeranian.

Neuse River

Wearing a cap to protect me from the sun while kayaking at the Neuse River.

king ahmed tomb india21

And here I am wearing a scarf bandana on my head to prevent heat stroke while exploring the King Ahmed Tomb in India.

portland saturday market4

These two men wear completely different hats. One for uniform/job reasons and one for costume purposes. Guess where I found this weird scene? Portland, of course.

At the gas station.

Here is the husband wearing a hat at the gas station in India.


And here he is again at our temporary residence in India. It got so warm before we got A/C that here he is wearing a damp t-shirt wrapped around his head for cooling purposes! Silly but efficient.

cityfair portland8

And finally, here is a set of hats from a different era for people of the present to wear and take pictures and have fun at the Fair.

Which one was your favorite? 

8 thoughts on “Hats Around The World

  1. I like your husband’s creative and purposeful hat best of all!


    1. It was quite creative. I thought he looked silly but he’s a guy who will always prefer function over aesthetics, being a programmer. 🙂 Unlike me sometimes, being an artist.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A great idea for a post 🙂 I loved these kind of themes.


  3. Your husband’s damp hat is the best because it is so practical. When I travel I usually go to sleep with wet hair as it helps for 30 minutes or so! A great fun post and I enjoyed all the pics.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The Traveloholic May 17, 2015 — 11:46 am

    Loved the mexican hats. I’ve always wanted one. !

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Holly Beddome May 18, 2015 — 7:07 am

    I like your bandanna, and the man in Mexico City’s traditional hat! And, of course, Captain Jack Sparrow’s entire getup 😀 I’m a solid fan of hats, especially when it comes to spending time outside in hot, sunny weather!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. As I look at the hats, I want to dig deeper to discover the stories of those wearing the hats. (Of course, we hear lots of stories of you through your posts! :))


    1. In fact a lot of the picture’s “captions” link up to posts where I write more about them 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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