This Week’s Small Pleasures #50


You know what’s interesting? I didn’t know I had a good week until I made this post and looked back to my happy moments of the week. This is why I like this blog event and why I invite you to participate, it helps to be grateful for what you have and realize that you don’t need much to be happy. Here are my small pleasures of the week:

1. Watching McFarland, USA. It was such a great movie! We loved it. Tears were shed too. Very inspirational.

2. Doing some more gardening. Last week I helped planting the seeds for all our veggies to come, this week we worked on the plants, the flowers and the herbs.  I am so enjoying this. I have wanted to learn to garden and have a garden for many years.

3. I made some delicious dinners this week. Including Mexican pozole for the first time, and comfort meatballs and spaghetti.


4. We bought some more pastries and desserts at the French bakery last Sunday and this week we got to enjoy a couple every day. So good. Good thing I exercise now.

5. I just really enjoyed this image, this funny video, and this other mesmerizing video of the making of artisanal mozzarella.

6. My hubby bought me a kindle and it arrived this week!

7. My vitacost order also arrived this week. I love this website, they have the best prices for healthy foods. I got goodies including coconut oil, coconut milk, Bob’s Red Mill oats, honey, balsamic vinegar, green tea and more. P.S. Get $10 off your order with this link.

Things I bought from vitacost on a different time.
Things I bought from vitacost on a different time.

8. Laundry smell from my hometown! On Friday it was cloudy and chilly and I opted to were my current favorite sweater. When I put it on it smelled really strong like fresh laundry from my hometown almost 3000 miles away. Last time I was there was about two months ago. I must have not worn that sweater since it was washed when I took it on that trip! My mom knows how I love that smell so she uses extra fabric softener when I come home.

My current favorite sweater.

9. This hilarious video was the absolute perfect way to start my weekend. It might be the perfect way to start your week. 🙂

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What made you happy this week? 

Weekly Small Pleasures – Blog Event

Weekly Small PleasuresShare your happiness!

I find that the small things that make us happy every day are easily forgotten.

This blog event is simply about remembering and sharing those small things that made you happy during the week; things that made you smile, made you laugh, made you do a happy dance, made your heart smile…

You can share in any format you like. For people to find your post, tag your post “Weekly Small Pleasures” and link to my most recent post for a pingback! You can also just share in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “This Week’s Small Pleasures #50

  1. Smells can transform us to happier cherished moments. Your sweater is proof of that. Interesting to note that you weren’t sure about your week until you took the time to write about it. I guess taking time to be grateful makes us recognize that we are and that we have a lot of things to feel fortunate about it. I like your weekly wrap-ups a lot!


    1. Yes, smells can be really powerful. They can transport you across the world or back in time. Sometimes I wonder if I should stop or reduce my weekly small pleasures posts, I am not sure if my readers enjoy it. I’m glad you do 🙂 Have a great new week!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love them! And keep meaning to join in as well but then I forget at the end of the week… In the meantime, I really enjoy yours so I hope you don’t stop.


  2. He bought you a kindle? Oh my, you’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll see! 🙂


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