Cars Around The World

Cars come in all shapes and sizes and they have been very useful to mankind, although in a way have also been detrimental. But I think I can be more grateful to this invention than the opposite. Cars around the world come in all kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes.

Whether you drive on the right side or the left side, or you have used a car to travel or to commute, to transport or to advertise, to entertain or to provide, cars have countless uses. I remember my very first car with affection, a VW Bora, whom still lives, actually.

Below is a series of photos of cars (including buses and other kinds) from across my travels, enjoy!

Cars around the world

long beach 06851

This boat car was seen in Long Beach, WA.

I thought it was quite a unique vehicle to spot. It seems like it both drives and swims, and it can hitch to something else. I have seen bigger vehicles that drive from ground to water, so it’d be interesting to see this one in action.

pendleton oregon red cross9

The sunset can be seen coming from inside this Red Cross car in Pendleton, Oregon.

columbia river gorge11

And this sunset is seen from behind the car driving through the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.

Digital Camera

I have ridden millions of rickshaws during my travels in India. These dusty, bouncy and doorless vehicles are everywhere in this country. We even bought one once but we couldn’t get it to work!

josh rickshaw
Josh trying to start the engine.

label gmo food car portland

This “fishy apple” (it has a fishtail) sits atop this “Label GMO food” car, found in Portland, OR.

astoria oregon trolley

This 100 year old trolley in Astoria, OR was really fun to ride.

india gas station1

This man in India gets gas for his tractor.

Shirtless guy getting free ice cream. Why not?

This ice cream truck provides free ice cream on a hot day to shirtless guys in Portland, OR. Ok, it was just one shirtless guy.

recycling truck mexico

This is a colorful trash truck seen in the streets of Mexico City.

Chilling in the car at the park.

We made good use of our minivan one day and parked by the park and chilled out with some wine.

We borrowed D's convertible VW bug to go get the part.

I got to take this convertible VW bug for a drive before the owners got rid of it.

fish bus2

This colorful bus is Capt. Jonny’s bus who sells fresh fish across Oregon and Washington.


This was the first time I saw a Russian food cart. We didn’t try it.

The Zombie truck. "Zombies don't like fast food"

The Zombie truck. “Zombies don’t like fast food”.

vintage car show7

A beautiful vintage blue car.

The truck is watching.

This red truck is watching. Do you see its eye?

Jack Daniels prohibition truck.

A well taken care of Jack Daniels prohibition truck.

magical mystery tour liverpool beatles3

This bus took me on a Magical Mystery tour around Liverpool, UK to places where The Beatles used to live and play. A fun tour for any Beatles fan.

Fire truck.

I like this fire truck in Ahmednagar, India.


Another vintage blue car seen at Seaside, Oregon.

Old car in India

These cars used to be very common in past times in India. This one still lives.

bremerton ferry

Cars getting ready to go on the ferry to Seattle!


The Batmobile.


And finally, a red-haired car mechanic in India.

Which one of these cars around the world was your favorite?

7 thoughts on “Cars Around The World

  1. These all are such fun and varied vehicles throughout world. I love them. 🙂


    1. Glad you enjoyed them! Have a great weekend!


  2. The colourful trash truck… it makes trash visually appealing is right up there with the zombie truck. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m picking the zombie truck for my daughter. She would love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am with Cee – – – such a fun post!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. haha… love all…. great post!


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