On The Way Around The World

long beach 06620

Sometimes the most beautiful or interesting things happen or are seen on the way to our destination rather than at our destination. As they say, it’s about the journey not the destination right? Sometimes, but definitely for this post.

Below is a series of photographs taken in transition from getting to point A to point B. 

victoria bc canada6
In Victoria BC on the way to our afternoon tea enjoyment.
long beach 06867
In Long Beach, Washington on the way to the beach.
edgefield winery10
On the way to the McMenamins Edgefield Brewpub, Winery & Theater.
bike mossyrock washington me
On the way to get some food in Mossyrock, WA
columbia river gorge10
A sunset and rows of windmills on the way to Pendleton, OR
pendleton oregon museum14
And another beautiful sunset on the way back to our hotel after a long day of training in Pendleton, OR
On the motorcycle on the way to downtown Ahmednagar, India.
Pike Place Market Seattle
On the way to explore Pike Place Market in Seattle for the first time.
saltys oregon portland mt hood
A view of Mt. Hood and PDX on the way to Salty’s for some fish and chips
cannon beach oregon road
Crazy weather on the way to Cannon Beach, OR
On the way to a hike.
And this one at the hike on the way to Mirror Lake.
A rainbow on the way to Rainier, WA
whistler bc canada snow
On the lifts in Whistler, Canada on the way to the top.
castle victoria bc2
On the way to Craigdarroch Castle.
washington drive6
Driving by the Columbia River on the Washington side on the way back home.
hood river bridge3
On the way to Hood River, OR
On the way to the lodge in Mt. Hood, OR.
mthood oregon3
And getting closer and higher on the way to the lodge in Mt. Hood.
Inside he train from Moscow to St Petersburg
In the train for the night on the way to Moscow, Russia
Heading to Cannon Mountain, NH
Heading to Cannon Mountain, NH
Traffic on the way to Ahmednagar, India.
multnomah falls oregon2
On the way to see the Multnomah Falls up close.
afternoon tea empress hotel victoria bc17
On the way out to explore Victoria BC.
dallas airport dfw
On the way to the gate for my next flight.
museum of flight seattle
In the tunnel on the way to the Airpark, Seattle.
portland waterfront11
On the way to boat watch on the deck in Portland, OR.
The milkman (dudhwalla) in India, on his way to deliver some fresh milk.

Which one was your favorite?

17 thoughts on “On The Way Around The World

  1. Beautiful images!


  2. Great collection for the theme!


  3. The train going to Russia… what class was that? Looks very very decadent for a train.


    1. mmm.. honestly I don’t remember (2008). But we decided to splurge a bit for the experience. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Like the Cannon Beach shot


  5. Love the rainbow! Not something I see very often, when I do it’s an amazing event.


    1. Since I moved to the PNW, I’ve seen more rainbows than all the ones I had seen in my life combined. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Suertuda!


  6. What a set, Mani. You get around!


    1. Thanks! It’s fun to explore. A lot of it is from spontaneous trips.


  7. Sometimes, the journey is as important – or as photo-worthy – as the destination. Cool post Mani!


  8. The adventure begins with the first step on the way!


  9. Holly Beddome June 5, 2015 — 2:40 am

    Heh, I like the milkman in India and that beautiful shot in New Hampshire! 🙂


    1. I liked the milkman too, it was cool to see. The family that had just gotten some milk delivered made me a cup of chai with the fresh milk. They were a very poor family. Indian people are very hospitable.


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