Monthly Best Of: May 2015


I don’t really remember if anything major happened in May, but I guess if I can’t think of it, then nothing major happened. Oh wait, we did start our garden! Which is a big deal for me because having lived in big cities most of my life, and moving often in the last 5 years, I have never had a garden where I personally planted any seeds or plants. This year was my first and I am so very excited to eat food that I grew with my own hands. I already made caprese salad with basil from the garden :p

Photo by Diane

The garden is not technically ours, it’s our landlords/housemates, but we have both been a big help for their vision helping dig out rocks from the soil and plant trees, seeds, and flowers. They are planting for about 6 people and we are 4 living in the house, separately. So this is definitely my biggest excitement of the month, it’s still an exciting work in progress. It looks like we’re getting chickens in the next week or so too! For a city girl, this stuff is making me awfully excited.

Another simple accomplishment I had this month was that at my crossfit classes which I started a few months ago I have been using a 15 pound bar and adding weight to that, and for the first time this week I used a 45 pound bar instead and added weight to that. 🙂

Now, here are the best posts of the month based on most views and likes, in case you missed any:

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voladores mexico7

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astoria oregon16

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abkhazi garden victoria bc8

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9. Cars Around The World 

The Zombie truck.

10. 48 Hours In Victoria, British Columbia 

afternoon tea empress hotel victoria bc19

The award for the best post of the month goes to:

India And Its Intricacies 

mumbai india horse carriage

Did you have a favorite post?

Summer is upon us. Have a wonderful June!

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    1. Yay! I should start a new collection of pictures of hats! 🙂

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