Trios Around The World


Sometimes, things come in threes the say. Well I found a few of those trios from across my travels. Enjoy!

chicken dinner chatai

A trio of Indian-food-eating people.

castle victoria bc18

A trio of three lovely headless ladies at the Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, BC

pendleton oregon museum11

A trio of light posts if you ignore the windmill and can see the furthest one away! Pendleton, OR

paneer cooking

A trio of cooking pans in India.

feet london night

A trio of walking pairs of feet in London.

portland barbershop5

A trio of liquors at a barbershop in Portland, OR. Yup, you get a complimentary shot of your choice.

hood river oregon9

A strange trio of trunks from the same tree. Hood River, OR


A trio of bad boys in India.

indian men flowers

And a trio of sweet men in India.

castle victoria bc9

A trio of windows at the Craigdarroch Castle. Victoria, BC

long beach 06944

A trio of kites! Long Beach, WA

These cheesy tacos are actually called "gringas". Not kidding.

A trio of gringas! Let me explain.. these cheesy tacos al pastor are actually called “gringas”. Not kidding. Mexico City.


Another trio in India, of curious children.


A trio of matryoshkas in a Russian food truck.

moscow russia red square

And a trio of gran buildings in actual Russia. Moscow.

papaya pomegranate

Finally, a trio of colorful fruits from India.

Which one was your favorite trio?

4 thoughts on “Trios Around The World

  1. Such a fun theme! Love these, especially the fruit trio at the end – yum! 🙂


  2. Such a fun theme! Love these, especially the fruit trio at the end – yum! 🙂


  3. The trio of “bad boys” because the picture makes you wonder what they have been up to!


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