Wandering America’s West Coast

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There’s nothing I love more than traveling and I have yet to experience visiting places by packing up a motorhome or RV, and hitting the open road. It’s definitely a unique way to travel! You get to explore the world from the road, and roll up into a new town every morning.

I’ve toured a lot of America, and some of it was through the road-trip lifestyle (with a car). There are so many beautiful routes across the country. But, I think my favourite is probably the west coast. A great plan would be to start in the southern tip near Mexico, and drive all the way up north to the border of Canada. You’ll need a good three weeks to a month to complete it, but it would be worth every second. Here’s the perfect itinerary.

The Golden Coast

I recently posted about California in particular, and the golden state has some wonderful sights. LA is always worth a stop, just to feel the Hollywood buzz of the city. But, your favourite part of the trip might start when you leave LA, and hit the golden coast. Traveling up past Monterey and Santa Barbara, the entire coastline is a jewel in California’s crown. You’ll take the winding road along the cliffs and beaches, and watch the stunning sunsets. Perfect!

Last few waves
Last few waves, California Coast by Damian Gadal

San Francisco

Making time for San Francisco is a good idea, and maybe schedule at least three nights here. The city could become one of your favourites in the world, with its bohemian vibe and amazing food! If it’s your first time, you’ve got to ride one of the famous trams, and – of course – see the Golden Gate Bridge. A trip to Alcatraz island is also a must for newbies. With the tourist sights ticked off, spend a day or two just relaxing in the cafes and bars of this wonderful city. San Francisco is also unique city to plan a bachelor or bachelorette trip! If you were considering renting a party bus in San Francisco, that would be a blast!

Cable cars
San Francisco Cable Cars by Chris Parker

The National Parks

For a short while, it’s nice to head inland from San Francisco, and explore the national parks. This is where the motorhome really comes into its own. You can drive deep into Yosemite National park, and hide out in the woods for a few days. Take in the wonderful waterfalls and rock features, and embrace the outdoors! It would be a good idea to take a trip north to Lake Tahoe if the park is open. The crystal blue lake will blow you away.

Yosemite National Park by edward stojakovic


Now, it’s time to leave the golden state, and head up into the colder and wetter climate of Oregon. Oregon is so vast and it has so much to explore. It is autumnal and quaint with its rich wooded areas and cute wooden houses. There are some incredible drives through the state, from the mountain scene like Crater Lake and Mt Hood, to the coastal scene of Cannon Beach and Astoria. But don’t forget to stop off in the quirky and lovely city of Portland!

oregon brew fest portland27
Downtown Portland by A New Life Wandering


Finally, you can end with a few days in Seattle. Just south of the Canadian border, things are a little chillier here! But, Seattle is a very friendly city where you’ll find plenty to do like watch beautiful sunsets, have a few drinks at the popular bars, eat lots of good food and savour lots of good coffee, go on outdoor and water adventures, and all while surrounded by beautiful scenery.

seattle skyline
Seattle by A New Life Wandering

Have I missed anywhere along the way? Would you keep going north into Canada or start even more south in Mexico? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Wandering America’s West Coast

  1. I will love to travel wherever in the West Coast!


  2. Yes, I’ve done the West Coast travel multiple times and don’t get tired of it. Portland would be another nice road trip by itself for our next trip.


  3. I’d keep going North for sure 🙂 We visited Fort Bragg, saw the famous glass beach, and also Eureka. Breathtaking landscapes and a lot of history from the Golden Rush times. It’s a pity we didn’t have time to make it all the way to Oregon.


    1. Oh that’s sounds nice! I agree it is a pitty you didn’t make it to Oregon. Time for a new road trip perhaps? 😉


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