Cold Around The World

Hiking in the snow - Mirror Lake Trail, Oregon

I am definitely a cold weather kind of person. I’m the only person in the room that will say “I’m not looking forward to summer”. I love the snow, the mountains, and beating the cold with warm drinks and cozy clothing. And cold weather usually doesn’t stop me from enjoying cold ice cream!

Sometimes my weather preference surprises people because I am Mexican. But Mexico City isn’t as hot as you would think, it is at an altitude of 7000 feet after all.

Do you prefer hot or cold? 

oregon garden christmas12

Fake snow at the Christmas Market. It was cold though!

victoria ferry wind me

Very windy and cold before boarding the ferry to go to Victoria, BC


It’s wonderful being cold at Mt. Hood

Human Spinal Cord and Cerebellums

These Human Spinal Cord and Cerebellums need to be preserved in cold temperatures. Sorry for the grossness.

duke durham brain

So does this human brain!

watermelon fresca5

Cold and refreshing watermelon coconut agua fresca. Homemade!

tedxportland run9

Complimentary cold beer was perfect after running a 6k in Portland, Oregon.

victoria bc canada11

Even though it was pretty chilly in Victoria, BC when we were there, gelato was a good idea.

afternoon tea empress hotel victoria bc8

Cold sandwiches are the perfect compliment to hot tea.

long beach 06646

I took off my shoes to run in the wet sand of Long Beach, WA and they froze in a second! They got so cold!

acapulco mexico beach22

This man is the giver of happiness, offering fresh and cold coconut and mandarin ice cream along the beach in Acapulco, Mexico.

whistler bc canada snow1

All bundled up to beat the cold in Whistler Mountain!

barista coffee portland2

Cold/iced coffee is the perfect companion during the summer months.

cannon beach oregon9

I am used to feeling hot in beaches (they’re usually tropical), but it was definitely cold at Cannon Beach when we went to visit.

And some ice cream!

This man is selling cold popsicles to beat the hot weather in India.


The coldest hike I’ve ever done! Mirror Lake Trail, Oregon


oregon brew fest portland5

Cold beer to beat the heat! At the Brew Fest in Portland.

val disere skiing france14

Feeling the cold in another part of the world, skiing in Val D’Isere, France.

india kids

And here’s some cold popsicles grandpa gave to these kids in India. Look how joyful he is.

Walking on a snow zig zag in Durham, NC

Scarf, gloves and a coat needed for the cold winter in Durham, North Carolina.

Snowy Hyde Park

Same during the winter in Hyde Park, London.

An ice cream container in Vienna, Austria.

But during the summer in Vienna, Austria, a large bowl of cold deliciousness is in order.


Surrounded by cold! I love playing in the snow.

airplane window view

It sure often gets cold inside airplanes, doesn’t it?


I had just bought this Peruvian wool sweater/coat to beet the cold at Pike Place Market in Seattle.

From: An Unexpected Afternoon.

And these girls sure enjoyed their cold coca colas in India.

Which photos were your favourite?

13 thoughts on “Cold Around The World

  1. Great photos for this week’s cold. I never would have thought of photographing a human brain though. 😀


    1. Me neither until I came across it during a photowalk at Duke University 🙂


  2. Brrr! I felt cold just reading this post, despite the heat outside 😉 Great shots, although the human insides freaked me out, haha!


    1. Thanks Marcella 🙂 We gotta keep the winter going. It’s gonna be hot this summer! hehe

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the winter… but ONLY in photos!! Funny, Mani, how you’re Mexican-born and love the cold.. while this here native Canuck is so much happier in this here heat.. (Montreal is a deep freeze these days, oh so glad NOT to be there) Ahhh! Proof positive that where we’re born is no reflection of our body’s preferred climates 😉


    1. Haha yes! Maybe “opposites attract” is true for places too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Awww, love this! We are currently covered in snow in Ljubljana!


  5. I too am often the only person in the room that does not look forward to summer!


  6. My favorite picture was you in the North Carolina winter. I love when the snow covers the trees. The picture was a contrast between the white of the snow and the black of your coat.


  7. Love it. I love cold weather too, I love getting bundled up in layers and winter wear! Woolly scarves and hats are my fave! Great post and pictures! 🙂


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