Life Update & Weekly Small Pleasures #77


Crazy week. As you may know, we moved 8000 miles from Oregon to Utah very spontaneously.  For 10 nights we were at an airbnb in Salt Lake City looking for a new home to rent. Finally on the 9th night we found an apartment in Logan, got approved and moved in the next day! Super quick. We moved in on Wednesday and it was hard. It’s an apartment on the third floor (we’re kinda done with upstairs neighbors) and we moved everything between the two of us.

We didn’t hire any movers. Carrying all that stuff up two flights of stairs was exhausting. I think I would’ve died if it wasn’t for my last year of Crossfit classes, especially because we are not used to working out at 4500 feet of elevation. We were living at basically 20 feet of elevation for the last 2.5 years in Oregon. It took us 2 hours of constant work. I was also recovering from sickness (which happened from my immune system being weakened by the anxiety from moving), and by the end of day I was completely worn out.

The next day was still hard because I had to unpack everything (I hate unpacking) and was further recovering from the work and being sick. Didn’t feel very well.

By Friday, it was great. We love our 1 bedroom apartment. We have an incredible view, sooo much natural light (something that completely lacked at our last home), and everything is brand new, even the carpet.

We are also loving this town so far, where the new chapter of our lives begins. I even just read in Wikipedia that a few years ago this town was declared the Morgan Quitno the safest in the US! And we are excited for all the outdoor activities we’ll be able to do like hiking and biking.

And here are a few small pleasures from the week:

1. Finding an apartment in the town we wanted was pretty awesome. It took us 10 days to find a place.


2. The view! Ahh I just love these mountains, I can’t believe I live in a place surrounded by snowy mountains, my favourite thing.

The view at a burger restaurant.

The view from our new apartment.

3.  Not being sick anymore. It really feels good when you’re not sick after 7 days of being sick.

4. Passing my driver license test on the first try. We’ve only settled down for 2 days but already went to the DMV to get our Utah licenses. This is the third state in the US I get a license from.

5. Finding a super awesome grocery store of organic and natural foods very close by where I’ll be so happy to shop at. It’s called Natural Grocers and I’ve never heard of it before, but we went there for some produce this week and was over the moon about it. Prices are good too.

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10 thoughts on “Life Update & Weekly Small Pleasures #77

  1. I love that youʻre living in a new place that allows you to live healthily. An amazing new grocery store, a safe town, lots of opportunities to hike and commune with nature… Utah sounds like it was a great decision. Of course, a cool apartment, new drivers license, and not being sick just add to the awesomeness. Have a great week!


    1. Yeah, we love that healthy living accessibility too! We’re very much into that stuff. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Those views are amazing, glad you’re settling in well! 🙂


  3. Your new home looks so beautiful! I hope you are enjoying every minute now you’re feeling better 🙂 x PS. Congratulationss on your licence – do you have to take a test for every state in the US? (Super stressful!)


    1. Yeah, you have to take a test on each state. It sucks haha, so passing it on the first try is always a nice feeling. It took me two tries in Oregon. The questions change every time too. Thanks for the sweet comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow that really sucks! Glad you got through it 🙂


  4. I’m so envious of those views! And all the access to great outdoorsy stuff that you have, it sounds like an incredible place to live!


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