Is a Life of Travel Right for You?


Some people don’t just travel every now and again. Their whole lives are all about travelling and exploring the world. It’s what makes some people tick! Just because you want to travel, doesn’t mean a whole life of travel is right for you. This guide will help you work out if it’s something you should go for:

You Don’t Crave Long Term Relationships Yet

If you crave secure, long term relationships, then you probably need to let that idea go for a while if you plan on travelling long-term, unless you’re travelling with a partner, and you should be warned: some couples can’t cope with the pressure of long term travel together and end up splitting because of it. If you just want to meet new people, get to know yourself and have a good time, then yes, a life of travel could be for you. Who knows what could happen as you travel – you might meet the love of your life! I actually met mine while traveling!

india motorcycle rural

You Are Comfortable With Spending Time Alone

If you want a life of travel, you do need to be comfortable with spending time alone. You aren’t always going to be with somebody. You might meet new friends, but they will have their own plans and paths to take. You’ll likely join forces quite a bit, but to have the best time you really do need to be OK with spending time by yourself. This doesn’t mean you’ll get lonely. It just means you’ll learn more about yourself and what you like to do!

You Have an Idea of How You’d Travel

Maybe you want to be a jetsetter, flying all over the world. Maybe you want to use a Coachmen RV to travel wherever you want with complete freedom and without a schedule. If you have a dream, it only makes sense to follow it!

sunset road durham nc

You Can Budget Really Well

A life of travel is all about budget to make sure you have the cash you need to continue on your adventure. You may need to take up some freelance work as you go. You may need to find a job in a bar or cafe, or make money some other way. You can save up before you go, but the money will soon dry up. This is why many long term travellers choose to make blogs, which they can earn money from if they are consistent after a few years. It might not pay for everything, but it can definitely supplement you.

Photo by Matthias Rip

Read Travel Books and Magazines

Reading travel books and magazines can help you get a better idea of what it encompasses to travel. One of my favourites is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. You can pick up valuable tips from these books and magazines, and learn more about the lifestyle. You can from other’s experiences (even if they are fiction!) to learn a little about what to expect. It might turn out that you just want a few months or weeks here and there, and not a long term travel lifestyle.

So, is a life of travel right for you? Do you want to go wandering for an uncertain amount of time and see the world? Or do you just want to take a long holiday? Hopefully this post helped you to decide!

5 thoughts on “Is a Life of Travel Right for You?

  1. Great blog! However I’m lucky enough to be on the long road WITH the person I love. Happy travels.


    1. Yes you are! My husband and I met while we were both traveling. We currently don’t travel together as much as we would like to though.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I never used to want to travel. But ever since going to uni, the desire to travel has grown. And now I think I’d really love to do it. Just not the wisest traveler, so I’d probably have to go with someone.


  3. Nicely written. I love to travel and am glad that I am in a job where I get a scope to travel to many amazing places. I do agree with you, that at times it is also important to travel alone. It gives a ‘me-time’, which helps to rediscover myself! 🙂


    1. Yes, I often need my “me time” even when I’m not traveling!


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