Monthly Best Of: March 2016


March came and went. We survived lived through a whole month in our new apartment and new town and loved it. We both joined gyms (different ones), I achieved a few PR’s, we got into hiking (there is so much outdoorsy stuff here), we tried new restaurants, we saw a few good movies and discovered an amazing theater (unfortunately 1.5 hrs away, which is not that bad for film buffs like us), and settled in. 

I guess it was a pretty good month and I’m curious to see what the next few months will look like. We are still learning this place and the people.

Now, here are the best posts of the month based on views and likes:

1. Dining Etiquette From Around the World #3

dining infographic

2. Make Money On The Move With These 3 Tips

sunset airplane window

3. Top 10 Places to Visit in Rajasthan

4. Six of America’s Top Hiking Destinations

5. These Words Inspired Me To Speak Up and They Might Inspire You Too

6. Which Cities Recycle The Most On Earth

recycle world cities

7. Hiking The Crimson Trail in Logan, Utah


8. 3 Top Travel Tips For 2016

9. Dance Around The World

dancing india

10. 10 Reasons That Make France an Appealing Country to Visit

A Parisian cafe. (2006)

Which was your favourite post of the month? 

Happy April! One of the best months of the year, am I right?

2 thoughts on “Monthly Best Of: March 2016

  1. wow, that was a great month! 🙂
    Have a nice April!


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