Weekly Small Pleasures #93


Things have calmed down a bit but there’s still rough days, things flare up, things are not really back to normal nor will they ever go back to normal. It’s the “new normal”, I guess, that I have to adjust to. It won’t be over until it is, who knows when. It’s just something I have to deal with every day now. It’s not something I can just forget or ignore or pretend. It’s there. And the wait is there.

Wow, this doesn’t make any sense to 99.9% of you I know. I won’t ramble today, at least no more than I already did. Here are some of my small pleasures of the week:

1. Fireworks show from the comfort of my home workspace. Since the beginning of the month I have been hearing fireworks go off in this town. They started selling them about a week before July 4th (US Independence Day) and almost every night of every weekend I heard them go off. Many nights it got pretty annoying.

But last Monday was actually pleasant. The best one. They celebrated Pioneer Day, a holiday here in Utah (“pie and beer day” for the non-mormons ha), and I was at my desk when I heard fireworks around 10:30pm. I recently moved my desk to a different spot in the house next to the balcony glass door. I opened the blinds and there were beautiful fireworks splashing over and over in the sky not very far from here. They went on for a while and I just stared. Didn’t even had to move away from my office chair to enjoy this “private fireworks show”. I wanted to take photos but I was stuck to my chair and didn’t.

2. Tuesday, 2pm, made brownies from scratch. In the middle of the day I was all caught up with work and most of everything else too and I also had the house to myself, so I decided to play some music and make brownies. I love brownies. Just leave the nuts out, please. (Right?) I love nuts, but they ruin brownies for some reason. They came out delicious, and I was planning on having them later that day after dinner but can anyone abstain from eating off a freshly made, warm batch of brownies? I can’t. So I had brownies for lunch, off the pan.

Don’t judge, I’ve had a couple rough weeks. Okay, that’s just an excuse, but still. For dessert I had a handful of dried crunchy green peas. (I have really small lunches, snacks really, before my workouts. I make up for it during dinner.) And guess who ate ALL the brownies in a matter of 4 days?

3. Support from the blogosphere. In the last couple of weeks I have been pleasantly surprised at the support, compassion, and guidance I’ve gotten from you, you guys who read my blog and don’t know me. I believe there are only 3 people I know that read my blog, 99% of you don’t know me. I have been going through some stuff in my life, so you may have noticed an uptake in personal posts here. And I can’t believe the love, concern and insight I’ve gotten from you, strangers to me. I’m truly grateful for it.

4. A tiny bit of rain. Here in sunny Utah I had JUST told a friend that it hadn’t rained in weeks, and it had been 90-100 degrees for at least a whole week straight. So when I left the house that day, it was a wonderful surprise for it to be cloudy, with a tiny bit of sprinkle of rain, and 78F degrees. By the time I had been in and out of the coffee shop and the grocery store, it was sunny again. But the rare short gap of cloudiness and the feeling of sprinkling rain on my skin was really lovely.


5. Speaking of the coffee shop, that was a small pleasure in itself. I rarely go to places just to treat myself, 98% of the time I go to places to either run errands or workout. So yesterday I decided to stop by the local coffee shop on the way to the grocery shop and I got myself a perfect iced coffee and an almond croissant.


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4 thoughts on “Weekly Small Pleasures #93

  1. They were so good I made more yesterday, even though I’m the only one eating them. I’m in fuck it mode, and I’m exercising again, so. But I’ve been needing chocolate lately (I always do, but sometimes I crave it more). Plus I know what’s in my brownies and they’re not terribly unhealthy, I make them GF and vegan, yet they come out delicious.


    1. You wouldn’t know they’re vegan nor GF. I’d tell people only if they’d WANT them to be haha. I have not thought of selling them.
      Well, I have thought of selling some food stuff in the past, but I’m not motivated enough. Gold mine huh? Haha..


  2. Hoping each day the sun will shine a bit brighter for you Mani. Although I don’t know what your distress is, I can feel your pain in your words. Sending positive energy across the miles.


  3. Would love the recipe for the brownies, they look delicious 🙂


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