What Does Pizza Look Like Around The World?

We covered that steak is very loved across the world, but let’s talk about pizza. Who doesn’t like pizza? Plus vegetarians can enjoy it too. Of course, different countries would have their own spin on the classic. But whether you like your pizza simple with cheese and tomatoes or complicated with things like artichoke hearts, prosciutto, and feta cheese, make sure you share. (Unless you top your pizza with tons of black olives and red and green peppers, then don’t share with me.) 

Check out the infographic below of different kinds of pizzas from different nations including Italy, Turkey, USA, Japan, and Lebanon.

“What Does Pizza Look Like Around The World?” – An infographic by the team at Citybase Apartments

How do you like your pizza? What are your favourite toppings?

10 thoughts on “What Does Pizza Look Like Around The World?

  1. Such an informative post 🙂 I love deep dish….


  2. But how do you eat it? Sounds messy! Haha. I thought the bread ends were like pizza handles. I guess you can hold it from the bottom.
    I like thin, mildly crispy crusts. Like the way they come out from wood fired ovens. :p

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  3. I love pizza too! Out of those all, I think I most prefer the one from Naples. Basic and fresh 🙂
    By the way, the flags are messed up in the infographic: Georgia, Macedonia and India have wrong flags


    1. How did I not notice?! Thanks for letting me know, I’ve fixed it 🙂
      Out of those in the list, I’d go with the one from Naples too.

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  4. To add two more countries to your list: In South Africa, the pizza is very similar to what you might usually find in the United States, although the sauce is slightly different and the toppings somewhat odd- they are almost always thin crust and are usually wood oven-fired. Very good! In Moldova (Eastern Europe) the pizza is also fairly similar to in the United States, but the cheese is often mixed and includes strong sheep’s cheese or blue cheese and the toppings are a bit different- often topped with proscuitto, a mish-mash of vegetables, or just cheese. The crust is usually very thin and the sauce is usually barely-there. Homemade pizza often has a mayo-based sauce, fresh tomatoes (no tomato sauce), and a mild cheddar-like cheese.


    1. Wood oven-fired pizzas are my favourite! And the ones you describe in Moldova, also sound like just my kind of pizza. Yum.


  5. The Hungarian one looks so yum! I don’t think a Paratha qualifies as a Pizza though, I could be wrong 🙂


    1. To be honest, I kinda agree with you about the paratha haha.


  6. This post combined my two favourite things (traveling + pizza) and it might be the best post I have ever read haha! Just discovered your blog ; it looks great! Looking forward to following it! ?


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