Current Observations #2

Almost 2 years ago I blogged about my current life observations in list form, inspired by others bloggers who did the same. I thought I’d give it a go again.

MAKING brownies from scratch over and over.
COOKING lots of vegetarian food.
DRINKING english breakfast tea with milk no sugar.
READING lots of stories on Medium.
WANTING something that is ≈ 2000 miles away.
LOOKING into the future.
PLAYING with Vincent the cat.
SEWING nothing.
WISHING for a lifetime supply of dark chocolate.
ENJOYING the rebirth of my love for music.
WAITING oh, man… absolutely.
LIKING that exercising is fixing my chronic back pain.
WONDERING what will happen next.
LOVING … did I mention homemade brownies already?
HOPING for “someday”.
MARVELLING at the view right now, omg! Just peaked out and I’ve never seen anything like it. The sky is the color of a horizontal pastel rainbow.

sky view logan utah sky view logan utah1 sky view logan utah2

I had to get up and take photos. But you know it’s so hard to accurately take photos of sunsets. The pictures look really eerie and even more so after I found out the scene was caused by a fire. Onto the rest of my list…

NEEDING more time.
SMELLING those warm brownies fresh off the oven.
WEARING pj’s, sweats & tshirt, workout clothes, repeat.
FOLLOWING new blogs.
NOTICING love and support from family and friends.
KNOWING that I have to take it one day at a time.
THINKING too much.
BOOKMARKING recipes to try.
OPENING doors. I’ve got nothing better.
GIGGLING at my own jokes.
FEELING all over the place.

Feel free to do the same on your blog!

2 thoughts on “Current Observations #2

  1. That sunset is pretty amazing, I’m not surprised you had to stop and snap some photos! 🙂


  2. Wow, that sky really is amazing! And how fun to do a post like this. Will file this idea away too.


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