Monthly Best of: July 2016


Holy sh*t what a month. Just me? I’m still kinda in shock about it all. Still dealing with aftermath, still dealing with new changes, still dealing with new feelings, new thoughts. Still wondering, still waiting. Still hoping, still trying to fix things, still trying to hold on, still not forgetting, still learning. I’m exhausted just typing and thinking about it.

I have written many personal posts in this blog before, but there was definitely a gap because not much worth sharing was happening for a while. So I kept my distance and kept on providing you with fun travel stuff. But this month I threw at you some deep stuff and you guys responded amazingly. In fact, most of those personal posts made it to the monthly top 10 (out of 23 posts this month), which are picked based on most views and likes.

In any case.. I hope you guys had a better month than me and thank you for all your support even through a lot of vagueness on my part.

And here are the top 10 posts of July, in case you missed any:

1. How To Travel Europe Like A Local

europe local

2. Details Around The World


3. 5 Indian Desserts To Try

kheer rice pudding

4. Weekly Small Pleasures #91 – The Most Personal One Yet


5. I Don’t Understand How People Think Right Now

6. How Do You Follow Your Heart When You Can’t?

india2015 samadhi6

7. How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep Away From Home

sleep away from home

8. The Ultimate European Road Trip

europe road trip info

9. Looking Up Around The World

castle victoria bc3

10. We All Need A Kumbaya Moment Right About Now 

Happy August!

1 thought on “Monthly Best of: July 2016

  1. Absolutely! A transitional month. I agree. I love the positive take and I will take it and apply it. Good things to come. It was definitely a month that made my life take a turn, like it was going one way and the direction changed. I could say the turn began in April. (Long turn).
    I’m not sure about timing not being your friend rather than it being really strict and independent. On second thought, totally not your friend. It’s like it always says: “I don’t care what you want you can’t have it right now, not until you finish your dinner and/or your homework” And dinner sometimes sucks and it’s sometimes so much that you can’t even finish, so you don’t get to have dessert. Haha. But eventually you do, eventually you get to have what you wanted.
    Here’s to a better month and good changes. To Happiness, love, fulfillment. 🙂


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