Morning Around The World

sunrise portland or

It’s safe to say I am NOT a morning person. Just ask anyone that has had to deal with me any time before 8am. And I’m not a coffee person either. I hear people can deal with people after they’ve had their coffee, I don’t have a fix haha. The best thing is to not talk to me until after 9am. I honestly don’t know how I survived all those mornings in school all the way to High School. University was nice, classes started at 10am!

When I travel is when I get up early the most, and often mind it way less. For example, getting up early to catch a flight is hard, but it’s also exciting. And getting up around sunrise in India (specifically Meherabad) is very peaceful. Meherabad is the only place in the world where I actually wake up between 5 and 6 am every day and not mind it at all.

I’ve captured a few photos of mornings across my travels. Enjoy!


Morning stretch in India.

oregon buddhist temple

We were invited to attend this Buddhist temple service in the morning one time.

mexico city view

When I’m in Mexico City I wake up to views like this.

cactus kirkland

Morning in Seattle, WA. Getting fuel for a fun day at the Museum of Flight.

full frame festival volunteer

This was another time I did not mind waking up early… to volunteer all day for 4 days for the Full Frame Documentary Festival in Durham, NC. Did it three years in a row, and it’s still one of my favourite experiences ever. (That’s me in the middle btw)

whistler canada

Another time I don’t mind waking up early… skiing in Whistler! LOVE.

food mango dinner

Spoiled. Breakfast in bed when I visit my hometown (Mexico City).

sunrise portland or

Sunrise in Portland, OR. Do you know how I got to be awake during sunrise? Cause I was heading to the airport.

mthood oregon lodge11

This was waking up in Mt. Hood, Oregon (at the Timberline Lodge). View from the window.

Farmer's Market, Durham, NC

Mornings also call for visiting Farmer’s Markets. Durham, North Carolina.

acapulco mexico beach

Mornings in Acapulco, Mexico.

baked eggs in tortilla cups5

Breakfast on the terrace in Tigard, Oregon, our home for a few months. (Baked eggs in a tortilla cup, fruit and black tea.)

long beach 06796

Breakfast at the B&B in Long Beach, Washington.

craigmyle bnb victoria bc1

Mornings at the B&B in Victoria, BC, Canada.

india2015 mpr6

The morning sunrise in Meherabad I was talking about in the beginning. (At the MPR)


Mornings in SLC.

Are you a morning person? Which one was your favourite?

12 thoughts on “Morning Around The World

  1. Love the experiences you capture here. What a beautiful collection of moments as fleeting as the sunrise!


  2. I like the cat stretching


  3. I tried a few things to make it better. Not hard enough or long enough, but definitely didn’t succeed either. Nigh owls unite!


  4. The cat ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. I’m a morning person – it’s when I get the most done, but I don’t like it to be too early. I wish I could get up earlier and see the sunrise more often – it’s such beautiful light for photography. Love the cat picture.


    1. You are so right. Morning light is amazing for photography. But so is late afternoon light, so I’d rather stay up for that one haha. Thanks for stopping by Alison!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Such a lovely collection, as always! I especially love the cat stretch 🙂 I am a morning person as I feel that’s my most productive time, although that doesn’t mean by 6am alarm during the week is welcomed, haha!


    1. Everyone loves the cat! Haha. 6 am alarm, no thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I hate mornings but love my coffee. That being said, I don’t mind so much early wake-ups when hiking or traveling. And yes, something about India that makes early wake-ups there worth getting up for.

    Nice post!


    1. I’ve yet to wake up early for a hike. I’m sure it would be beautiful with that early light.


  8. Your photos are lovely 🙂
    Anni & Toby


  9. Wonderful post and wonderful theme that showing the how diverse the world is! Thanks fro sharing, really inspiring! ❤


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