Weekly Small Pleasures #94

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Nearing the end of this week (Friday), I injured my neck during an intense, military-style (in my mind) workout. So that sucked. Especially because it means I’ll have to take it easy next week… boring. I can’t even drive or do dishes right now without pain, so I really hope it gets better quite soon, what else am I to do if I can’t do chores or exercise? That right there sums up my whole life! Haha. Well.. I still have the computer. Blogging/working/music-listening.

I’ve already automatically adopted a new way of living. I look down, I don’t move my head down. I squat down, I don’t bend down. I avoid turning my head. And I managed to sleep on one side of my body without turning the whole night. Kinda mind-blowing how the mind even concentrates on such things while sleeping. It’s not the most restful sleep but it’s still impressive.

The husband says I look like a model balancing a book on her head all the time, but I’d think of a ballet dancer before model a million times more. The word “model” addressed at me made me squirm, just doesn’t sound right at all.

I can’t afford to be so lazy for however long it takes to fix my neck because adults can’t afford to be that lazy. The days of mom taking care of you and pampering you when sick are long gone. So I’ll have to suck it up for several things. With that said, there were a few small pleasures that occurred in my week, one of them happened at the same time as my injury, which I did not know at the time it had happened, also interesting how that works.

1. Flipping giant tires. I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost 2 years now and this week I did a new thing, we flipped tires as part of the Workout of the Day, and I gotta say it was fun. I want to do it again. Makes you feel pretty badass.

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A CrossFitter's playground. ☀️

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2. Discovering new music. This has been an ongoing thing since about 3 months ago when I began the exploration with the help of my best friend, but it continues to be a pleasure listening to and liking new bands. Here’s the best song I heard this week (if not weeks!). Obsessed:

3. Amazing views on a spontaneous Friday afternoon hike. We randomly went on a hike I had done only once before back in March when it was icy and snowy, so the scenery this time was quite different, but amazing nonetheless. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos because I didn’t take my camera because of my neck injury and I didn’t want to carry it on my neck where it usually goes.

Same trail back in March.
From the same trail back in March.

4. Coffee shop time. I was planning on treating myself with a delicious iced coffee to go that I recently discovered but ended up hanging out at the outdoor seating area of the coffee shop, people-watching, enjoying my coffee, and reading the paper. Yes! I actually read news on paper. It was a very pleasant hour or so.

I hope you had a nice injury-less week!

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Small Pleasures #94

  1. Wow, flipping tires looks fun, though I’m not sure I’d be able to do it. I’m not the strongest person alive.


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