Hiring A Car Abroad: Horror Scenarios That Must Be Avoided

Hiring A Car Abroad

For many, hiring a car abroad is a crucial part of the travel experience. Without that luxury, we wouldn’t be able to explore the places we want to see. Obviously, making the right decision is crucial. Without it, we’re fighting a tough battle. We’re in a location that we don’t understand, talking to companies that we’ve never heard of. It’s important to be aware of the scenarios that must be avoided. Here’s our handy list that you’re going to want to keep in mind.

Failing To Grasp The Insurance Policy

Firstly, you need to establish what type of insurance policy comes with the vehicle. Then, you need to find out whether any additional options are available. Make sure you fully understand what is covered and what isn’t covered by your policy. It’s up to you whether you opt for additional insurance purchases based on your needs. Ultimately, you don’t want to do anything that voids your warranty in the long run. That’s a fast-track to an expensive situation.

Safety is the most important factor, and a fast moving vehicle with poor operating headlights is risky. Consider upgrading your car with a HID headlight conversion kit.

me vw beetle

Knock on wood you won’t, but what if you take your car through an offbeat path and you get stranded without gas or in a mud pit. Knowing how to haul your car with a winch, might come in very handy.

Accusations Of Damage

We’ve heard these stories before. A client returns a car to the rental company, and it isn’t fully checked for damage. Then, you take the same car for a rental period – scratches and marks intact. If you’re unlucky, the rental company might think that you are responsible. So, what you need to do is take pictures beforehand to make sure you’ve got proof. With reputable car hire companies, you hopefully won’t get into a situation like this anyway.

Picking Up A Car In A Busy Location

What’s the problem? You’ve been driving for years, right? Why would collecting a car at a busy location be an issue? It’s simple: you’ve never been here before. You might even be driving on the other side of the road. It’s going to be nerve-racking for a while, so it’s better to give yourself some time to adjust. There’s a barrage of companies like Carrot that allow you to pick up your car from many different locations. Don’t underestimate how important this can be.

portland sunset road

Breaking The Distance Limits

Some car rental contracts come with distance limits, especially if you plan to cross an international border. It’s important that you study these contracts extensively beforehand. You don’t want to find that you’ve done something wrong, costing you extra money, and voiding the warranty. If it’s in the small print, you’re liable. It’s as simple as that.

Syncing Your Technology To The Vehicle

Most rental cars these days come with the ability to sync phones and tablets to the car via Bluetooth. This is a neat feature, but be careful. In many cases, the data is stored in the car once you’ve done this. Make sure you know how to erase it if you’re intent on syncing up. Otherwise, you might just find that other rental drivers get access to your entire phonebook. Whoops!

Of course, hiring a car abroad doesn’t have to be a scary thing. All you need to do is prepare in the right way, and make sure you find a reputable car hire company. Good luck!

1 thought on “Hiring A Car Abroad: Horror Scenarios That Must Be Avoided

  1. I’ve never had to hire a car abroad, but I definitely drove one in South Africa, and I was constantly nervous about it, especially with how crazy the driving was. When I went to San Francisco, we hired a car and we misused the toll gate reader in the car, and ended up being charged almost $30 for missed tolls. We were able to fight that, though, because we argued that we did exactly what the pictures on the device told us (and we did).


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