How To Order a Beer In 17 Different Countries


I feel like knowing how to order a beer anywhere in the world is ESSENTIAL information that everyone needs to know, am I right? Okay, maybe not, but it’s still very good information to have, and 17 countries is a great place to start (note the sarcasm), because you’re going to be traveling to that many countries in the near future, right? It only took me 27 years to get to 20 of them. But there are people who travel to over 30 countries in one year… so it’s totally possible.

Using the local words to order a beer and then “cheers” to it, will only strengthen your connection with the locals and the bar staff, which can be very rewarding in a beer drinking environment. Check out the infographic below to learn how to order a beer and its local food pairing in 17 different countries.

How To Order a Beer In 17 Different Countries

(How To Order a Beer in 17 Different Countries [Infographic] by

Too many to memorize? Just save the infographic and keep it handy for when you decide to travel to Thailand, Iceland, Deutschland, or any other land.


10 thoughts on “How To Order a Beer In 17 Different Countries

  1. You did miss one: “Un demi s’il vous plaît” (Demi is draft beer) 😉


    1. Ah! Demi! Learned a new word in French today 🙂 I’ve never ordered beer in France, there’s always a first right? haha.

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      1. There is. Todo bien en Austin? (Si se cambiaron a Austin, vdd?)


      2. Yup! Aquí andamos en Austin. Todo bien, thanks for asking. All settled in now. I still need to get back into my good habits that break with a move.. aka: exercising.

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      3. Jaja! Eso pasa. No te preocupes. Do you run? Buen fin.


      4. Not really a runner. I prefer fitness group classes.

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  2. 18. Czech Republic:

    “Pivo, prosím” (PEE-voh PRO-seem)

    How to toast: “Na zdraví” (NAH-zdrahvee)


    1. Nice! Thanks for the addition! With very helpful phonetic pronunciation and all.

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  3. very cool post! you gotta admit, the Americans know how to get the point across


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