Nostalgia Around The World

It’s nice to reminiscence sometimes, isn’t it? And nowadays we can look back to many of our happy memories through available photos and video, which in turn, make us nostalgic. Nostalgia can be painful, but it’s also a good thing. It means we lived through happy moments which became happy memories, fuel for our soul, and it also means we can create many more happy moments. I know I’m looking forward to the future, I know the best is yet to come.

Below are some photos of times of my life that make me nostalgic:

full frame festival volunteer

Volunteering at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina was one of the best experiences of my life. Three years in a row. I had the time of my life. I had to deal with strangers and people constantly, something that is completely out of my comfort zone, yet I loved every minute of it. 5-hour shifts for four days, and the rest of the time I got to watch all the films I wanted (free for volunteers), cramming about 16 films during four days, all amazing. They also provided lunch and snacks to volunteers, so I’d spend all day, morning till night, at the festival grounds.


Walking through the streets of downtown Portland, Oregon. I lived on the outskirts of Portland for about 2.5 years and this city became one of my favourite if not my favourite in the USA. Chill atmosphere, rainy days, and all the movie theaters, coffee shops, bakeries, and restaurants to my heart’s content.

veritable quandary portland brunch

Speaking of Portland and restaurants, VQ (Veritable Quandary) became one of my favourite brunch spots ever. Sadly, they closed last Friday! All because the city bought their building to turn it into a courthouse. Horrible. I hope they reopen somewhere else (even if I can’t go).

dallas airport dfw

Airports. They totally make me nostalgic. I’ve always enjoyed them. Not necessarily good experiences within them (lots of sad goodbyes and missed connections), but they always led to great adventures and memories and I still love hanging out in them for some reason. People watching, waiting to catch my flight…

My college bedroom.

My London pad! Can you tell I was attending university? This was my room for almost a year, 2008-2009. I fell in love with London and I often nostalgically look back on my time there. I miss it. I miss my solitary walks to Hyde Park, I miss the cool weather, and wearing boots and coats and scarfs, I miss being able to go anywhere at any given time thanks to the wonderful public transportation. London was totally my style for a place to live, I felt very comfortable there. I seem to blend in with the ways of British people, except for the accent, which had actually started to rub on me since English is not my native language, but then it went away after living in the US, sadly haha.

Snowy Hyde Park

Snowy Hyde Park. My London happy place. The perfect place to take a solitary walk and get lost (literally). I actually did get lost in this park once.

A Parisian cafe. (2006)

Paris 2006. Great mom and daughter trip for the memory book. Strolling through Parisian streets, checking out the museums, eating baguettes, enjoying the European vibe. Good times.

yo bb nieve2

For some reason, I hold all my skiing trips very dear. I had the time of my life every time I went on one with family or friends. Above may have been my very first skiing trip in Vail, Colorado.

Skiing trip with one of my best friends.

That time that I went skiing to Val d’Isère, France with one of my best friends, remains an amazing and nostalgic time to look back to.

The view from my apartment in Mexico City

My hometown, Mexico City. Looking at this view, which used to be the view from my apartment where I grew up, is totally nostalgic. Even though I still get to go and visit a couple times a year, I haven’t lived there since 2008. That’s 8 years.

And mom always spoils me when I go visit. She makes me breakfast AND dinner in bed. (Dinner in Mexico is not the heaviest meal of the day).


imac green

Who remembers these colorful iMacs? This green alien was my companion for several years. It was just me and him, for many hours when I used to lock up myself in the room as a teenager and didn’t want to do anything with the outside world. It was my first computer and it provided me with great company. In fact, I met my bestest friend through that thing.


Summer of 2008 I went backpacking to Europe with one of my best friends. We pretty much starved the whole time (being on a budget and all) but it was one of my best trips ever. The photo is us, clearly in Germany. Berlin to be exact.

oregon garden christmas21

Christmas time! Absolute nostalgia for that time of year! Yeah, it still happens every year, but I totally look back on it with great nostalgia. Christmas has engraved in me nothing but happy moments from the time I was born. I grew up a generally happy child and even if my last few Christmases haven’t been the best of my life, that time of year still always lifts my spirits.

india2015 mpr5

Last but not least, this last place is very dear to my heart. It’s called Meherabad, in India. My parents brought me here since a very young age and I came back many times after. I’ve even lost count now, but I’ve visited at least 14 times. And every single time I have left the place crying because I was so sad to leave, I kid you not. That’s how special it is.

It’s also a place where I always meet incredible people.


How’s that for a bunch of nostalgia? Are there any places that make you nostalgic?

3 thoughts on “Nostalgia Around The World

  1. I’m jealous of your meals in bed. I think I’ll have to train my kids to do that 😉


  2. this is a very cool and interesting post, Mani. Love the photos, almost make me nostalgic. I’m not sure I knew you were from Mexico. I lived in Manzanillo for two years. Also lived in Aspen during the 70’s for 10, been to Vail. I remember those Macs, but never had one. Had a portable…with a whopping 4mg memory. that’s 4!


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