The Night Owl’s Guide to NYC

New York City, the city that never sleeps. They say that for a reason. The energy in this city is bustling with so much to offer. Whether your interest is in food, music, art, sports, architecture, comedy, or even relaxing, NYC has always something going on. And when the sun goes down it’s not the exception. A dream destination for early birds and night owls alike. Here’s your night owl’s guide to NYC.

You can start the night with a laugh by becoming part of the studio tv audience for Late Night with Seth Meyers. Or if you’d enjoy Monet masterpieces and ancient Egyptian artifacts after dark, the Brooklyn Museum offers after-hours admission to admire art in a less crowded environment. Or how does a heart-stopping poetry slam open mic performance sound at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe? For a late night bite to eat, check out Veselka where they’ve been serving Ukranian food in NYC for over 50 years and are open 24/7.

And if 3 am hits, and you’re in the mood for bowling, Whitestone Lanes are also open 24/7 for your entertainment. Even later on, you can take a stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge and admire the NYC skyline. And if you’ve been enjoying the night away, why not finish it with a free ferry ride to State Island to watch the sunrise.

There is so much to do in NYC, that it’d be hard to decide when to sleep. Check out the infographic below for ideas.

The Night Owl's Guide to NYC

Infographic by Expedia.

How would you love to spend the night awake in NYC?

1 thought on “The Night Owl’s Guide to NYC

  1. Well I’d certainly love to do all of the above!


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