4 Useful Tips to Keep You Safe When You Travel

Whether it’s your first time traveling to a foreign country or you’ve been on the move for a while, it’s always wise to take precautions for your safety. Don’t let fear stop you from being adventurous. You should always expect the unexpected when you travel, and if you observe the four following tips for safe travel, you could prevent some really bad scenarios.

Don’t Stand Out as a Tourist

4 Useful Tips to Keep You Safe When You Travel
Image via Flickr by Christian Haugen

If you’re a tall, blue-eyed blonde and you travel to Asia, blending in is tricky. No matter your appearance, it’s wise to try to blend in with the locals wherever you go. For example, while in India, dress modestly, and don’t be too revealing. If you go to Europe, avoid flip-flops and cargo shorts and dress up a bit.

It’s not impossible to find comfortable travel shoes and apparel without sacrificing style. Europe is full of pickpockets that target tourists. In even more conservative countries, wear a scarf over your head if you’re a woman. You get the idea.

Purchase Travel Protection

Have peace of mind when you travel by securing protection for any travel emergencies that may arise. You may never need it, but having it can set your mind at ease. In the event of an emergency, you’ll be grateful you have that much-needed protection. It’s like when you bring an umbrella and it doesn’t rain, but when you don’t, it pours. A MedjetHorizon membership gives you the ultimate travel protection, including arrangements for medical transport, travel security, crisis response, and travel advisories.

Back Up Your Important Documents

4 Useful Tips for safe travel
Image via Flickr by media.digest

Before you travel, make paper photocopies and email yourself digital scans of all your important documents. This should include your passport, visa, travel itinerary, travel insurance information, accommodation reservations, and any other bookings.

Recently, this came in very handy for me while in India. I traveled for two hours by car to stay one night in a different city. I’d be returning to my original accommodations for the remainder of my stay in India, so I left my passport there. I completely forgot that hotels in India require you to check in with a passport and an Indian visa. Luckily, I had digital copies of both in my email, and they accepted those.

Don’t Be Stupid Be Sensible

If you’re traveling solo, and especially if you’re a woman, don’t go roaming around in dark alleys or sketchy places at night. No matter who you are, don’t go flashing all your cash around when you’re going to pay or tip. Don’t wear your most expensive jewelry or watch while you travel. Don’t walk in the hot Indian sun without constant hydration or wearing a scarf or hat on your head. Wear mosquito repellent. Leave your valuables locked in your hotel room. These are just a few examples of being sensible while traveling.

The unpredictability is one of the best aspects of travel, as this element creates great stories and memories. But you can take steps to avoid the tragic, trip-ruining stories with a bit of preventative action.

(Featured Image via Flickr by **RCB**)

Do you know of other great tips for safe travel?

2 thoughts on “4 Useful Tips to Keep You Safe When You Travel

  1. If you’re planning on sharing your personal details, think well before you hand over your account details or passport number. Check the website before you buy and look for the ´Secure Visa’ sign.


    1. Thanks for the tips Brad!


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