8 Scientific Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For You

Most of us don’t need any encouragement to want to jet off to some faraway (or nearby) land for a trip. Take a break from habitual life, explore new places, and renew with new adventures or with relaxing activities. I know I don’t need any convincing to take a trip. The problem is finding the opportunity! However, it just so happens that, scientifically, travelling is good for you. In case you needed more excuses to go travel, you’ll find some backed up by science in this article.

Not only unpleasant things, like dark leafy greens and culture shock are good for you. Science proves that the joy of travel is good for your health too!

One scientific reason why travelling is good for you is that if you travel, especially if you start at a young age, you’ll strengthen your immune system. When you venture out to new places, your body gets exposed to new bacteria, making your body create immunity for them. Of course, it’s still wise to be wise and take precautions by keeping your vaccines up to date and being careful with unsanitary food and drink.

A no-brainer reason is that travelling reduces your stress levels. A study found that even a few weeks after a trip, travellers remained in good spirits and energized. Unless you go somewhere you love so much it makes you sad to return. And directly related, people who occasionally take travel breaks from life and reduce their stress levels, also improve heart health.

travelling is good for you

And good for your heart too is all the movement that travelling requires. Whether you’re walking more than usual exploring new cities, hiking up mountains, or running to catch your flight, physical activity is definitely good for your health, especially if it involves fun and pleasant activities.

Traveling can make you happier. Another scientific study discovered that travel reduces the risk of depression. Taking breaks from your regular life and partaking in new experiences, with short getaways or across the world, increases your mood. Even just planning a trip can release endorphins. Maybe this is why I often find myself fantasizing about going places, looking up flights and Airbnbs for trips I’m not going to take.

And maybe this is why travel is addicting too, because it makes you feel better in all these different ways.

But this is not all! Read on to learn more about science-based reasons why travelling is good for your health.

8 Scientific Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For You

8 Scientific Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For You

[8 Science-Based Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For Your Health – An infographic by the team at SilverDoor.co.uk]

Are you currently planning a trip? Where in the world would you like to go next?

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