The Most Popular Posts of 2016

popular posts 2016

2016 came and went, and man was it a crazy year. I experienced some of the worst days of my life as well as well as some of the best. But no matter how tough it got this year, I come out of it extremely grateful and excited for the future.

In 2016 I lived in three different states. Oregon, Utah, and now Texas. The moves were extremely stressful which added to the hard times of 2016 but each place brought something good. 2016 was a crazy year for a lot of people and I hope 2017 can bring a lot of good to many of our personal lives. 

And a bit unrelated, but what this post is about, here are the most popular posts of 2016:

1. 11 Things That Will Happen When You Move To India

2. 7 Delicious Green Smoothies To Try

3. 5 Indian Desserts To Try

kheer rice pudding

4. My Top 15 Films of 2015

5. Hiking The Crimson Trail in Logan, Utah

6. 8 Reasons That Make Mexico an Appealing Country to Visit

tacos al pastor

7. Tips For Getting Cheap Flights For Your Travels

airplane sunset

8. Dinnertime Around The World

pizza night

9. How To Prepare For A 16 Hour Flight Or Any Long Haul Flight

10. 12 Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand

Happy 2017! I know it will be a great year! I think we all need it.

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1 thought on “The Most Popular Posts of 2016

  1. Interesting summary from your end. I wish I’d had the time to come up as a regular visitor. But been taken into the migration process of from to a self hosted platform.
    Keep up the good work and spread positive vibes, Mani. With best wishes of a Happy 2017 to you and yours.
    Blessings 😉


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