Blur Around The World

sunset airplane window

When I first read about the blur photo challenge I didn’t want to participate because I usually discard blurry photos and I usually think blurry photos are not good. But on second thought I decided to go through my photos and find some blurry ones. I surprisingly really enjoyed collecting these! It allowed me to see and use and share photos that would otherwise remain buried in my computer archives. It felt like giving the underdog a chance.

Please enjoy my blurry photos from across my travels…

acapulco mexico beach12
The blur on this photo comes from ocean water inside the camera caused by getting hit by a wave that nobody was expecting. It later dried off. Acapulco, Mexico
acapulco mexico beach coconut1
Same situation from the photo above. Fresh coconut water and mango with chili! So good!
train india reflection
A train passing by in India taken from inside the bus.
Blurry trees caused by speed on the way to Mt. Hood, Oregon.
prater vienna austria
Flying chairs, one of my favorite since I was a kid. Took the picture while I was on the ride. Prater Amusement Park, Vienna, Austria.
whistler bc canada snow4
Blur caused from moisture taken inside the gondola in Whistler, Canada looking down on Whistler village.
airplane pheonix
Blur by speed, arriving to Phoenix, Arizona.
astoria bridge oregon
This photo might not looked blurred compared to some in the series, but it definitely is. Astoria Megler Bridge, Oregon.
india street food
Street food in India! No excuse for the blur in this photo.
airplane view mexico city night
Blurry Mexico City sea of night lights.
india swing
Indian woman enjoying the swing.
bike mossyrock washington me
Bike ride in Mossyrock, Washington.
Happy kids waving in India.
mexico city night
Mexico City from the 11th floor.
opera house vienna
Beautiful and blurry art inside the Vienna State Opera in Austria.
road ducks portland
This duck couple was just hanging out in the middle of the street. Tigard, Oregon.
road train
Union Pacific Canada train passing by in Oregon.
squirrel mexico city animal
This blurry squirrel is eating a churro! How Mexican of him. Taken in Mexico City.
streusel demo vienna austria
Blur of this streusel making demonstration caused by low lighting. Vienna, Austria.
sunset road durham nc
Amazing sunset on the road in Durham, North Carolina.
trees yellow green
New Hampshire

Which ones were your favorite?

13 thoughts on “Blur Around The World

  1. Durham sunset and Mexico City from 11th floor are my favorites. 🙂


    1. Those two are also some of my favorites from the post 🙂


  2. All the blurry pics from India. I just can’t help myself 🙂 Cheryl


  3. Who would say now that blur pics are not worthwhile?!
    Very nice collection. Durham sunset, the best!!


  4. Aww the squirrel eating the churro!


  5. The Rambling Gardener April 7, 2015 — 1:53 pm

    Mexico City Sea of Night Lights is my favourite. For me it evokes the vibrancy of the city at night and speed, an exhilarating photograph.


  6. I’m partial to beautiful sunsets and I laughed at the squirrel munching on a churro.


  7. What a beautiful picture!


  8. This makes me feel better. I thought I was the only one who took blurry photos!


    1. Haha I think we all do! We just don’t showcase them 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Cool! I like the sunset in North Carolina and the train in India.


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