Gatherings Around The World

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“Happiness is only real when shared”, do you agree? When people gather great things happen and memories are created. It could be for great causes and for intimate ones too. People cry and laugh and come up with ideas, some very important ones related to medicine and technology.

Most, if not all, of the good memories I have were shared with other people in my life. Here are some places where people gathered for different reasons around the world:

tedxportland run5

People gathered at OMSI in Portland, ready for the TED 6k Night Run!

pendleton oregon museum red cross

People in Red Cross training gather for the group photo at the Cultural Institute in Pendleton, OR

mpr india volleyball3

Western and Eastern men gather for a volleyball game in India.

portland brewbike5

A group of people gather on the brewcycle to bike to different breweries in Portland.


Lots of people gather in Berlin to watch Germany play in the Eurocup 2008.

Amartithi in India

A sea of people gather during the festival of Amartithi before starting the 15 minutes of silence. Meherabad, India.

vintage car show3

Well taken cared of vintage cars gather for people to see and appreciate them. Scappoose, OR.

Interested in the photos.

Rural people in India gather to see the photos the man has taken.

A wild flower bouquet made after camping in Mexico.

A wild flower bouquet made of flowers that were gathered around the surroundings during a camping weekend in Mexico.

Gathering flowers to offer to God in India.

A woman gathering flowers to offer to God.

boys fort portland

Plush superhero creatures gather to be bought.

ganesha statues

Handmade Ganesh statues gather before the Ganesha festival in India.

uss normandy

Previous shipmates gather for a visit to their ship, the USS Normandy in Norfolk, Virginia.

portland waterfront2

Geese gather around the waterfront in Portland.

Which one was your favorite?


3 thoughts on “Gatherings Around The World

  1. The flowers in Mexico and the Ganesh statues in India are my favorite!


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