Dinnertime Around The World

Dinnertime Around The World

I love food. Dinner might be my least favourite meal of the day but I still like it cause you know… food. Dinnertime looks very different in different parts of the world. The two cultures, Mexican and American, I’m most familiar with dinner is very different. The main difference being that the main meal of the day in Mexico is lunch, whereas in the US it’s dinner. I’ve had dinnertime around the world many times. Check it out:

Get invited to local's birthday party.

Birthday dinner party in India!

porqueno portland22

Dinner in Portland, Oregon at Por Que No?

squirrel mexico city animal

This Mexican squirrel enjoying indulging its dinner.

edgefield brewpub1

Dinner at the Edgefield Brewbup in Portland, Oregon.

fish and chips

Fish and chips dinner in some random town in Washington state.


This Indian food was cooked by our maid and sent to us as a gift during festival season. This is “festival food” in rural Maharashtra.

saltys portland1

A couple having dinner by the river in Portland, OR.

Le Pichet seattle

Date night dinner at Le Pichet in Seattle, Washington.

2012christmas turkey

Thanksgiving dinner in Durham, NC and my very first time cooking a turkey all by myself. It came out pretty good.

My mom sent me a picture of her table setting in Mexico today.

The table is set for Christmas dinner in Mexico City.

oregon garden christmas24

Our dinner at a Christmas Market in Silverton, Oregon.

The old caretaker, the new caretaker and me having dinner at the house in India.

Chicken night dinner with fellow Indian friends in rural India.


Volunteering for a dinner service at a shelter in North Carolina.

Inside he train from Moscow to St Petersburg

This room at the overnight train in Russia was where we had dinner that night, on that little table in the middle.

Bratwurst in Berlin

Dinner in Berlin! Backpacking means cheap food, but good!

pizza night

Finally, pizza night. We were able to get Domino’s in rural India!

Which one was your favourite?

6 thoughts on “Dinnertime Around The World

  1. Very cool!


  2. So much variety. That would kill my back to sit on the floor and eat.


  3. Great photos! That Berlin hot dog looks delicious. The overnight sleeper train with the cute table in the middle looks nice for a dinner on the go too!


    1. That train was nice but the dinner they provided was terrible! hehe


  4. Great theme! What is better than dinnertime when travelling? You get to taste new tastes and share with no people, it’s the best!


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