Monthly Best of: June 2016

best june

June came and went… Is it just me or time is passing by quite fast lately? Not much out of the ordinary happened, went through my usual routine, a bit of nature and city exploration here and there, lots of movie watching… oh and it seems like the global economy is collapsing cause you know, the UK bailed on the EU. So there’s that…

I hope you had a nice June and you have an even better July. Things they are a-changin’. Can you feel it?

Below are the best posts of the month based on views and likes, in case you missed any:

1. Weird Things About Brazil That Shock First-Time Travellers

2. 14 Iconic Sandwiches From Around The World

sandwiches world

3. Hiking The White Pine Lake Trail in Logan Canyon, Utah


4. Travelling To A Foreign Country: Tips To Keep You Safe

vienna me

5. An Urban Backpacker’s Guide to Packing

urban packpacker guide

6. Ways To Make Outdoor Traveling More Comfortable

cannon beach oregon22

7. The Top 7 Family Trips And Outdoor Adventures

8. Tips For Getting Cheap Flights For Your Travels

dallas airport dfw

9. Weekly Small Pleasures #89

happy collage

10. Airlines Are (Finally) Offering High-End Food

airplane airport

Happy July!

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