Monthly Best of: August 2016

best august

Crazy month. Mostly because up until about 2 weeks before the end of our apartment lease in Utah we found out we were moving to Texas. Stress and anxiety levels increased quickly. Then it was all getting down to business. Dealing with a cross-country move is a lot.  

We’ve been in Austin for a week now. Still actually looking for a temporary home, an apartment to rent. But things are not going so rough. A few hiccups and obstacles here and there, but it could’ve been a lot worse. That’s kind of my motto haha. “Could be worse!” It’s the realist’s or pessimist’s way of looking at the glass half full. I’m a realist, at least that’s what I call myself.

Below are the best posts of August based on most views and likes, in case you missed any:

1. 4 Careers That Will Allow You To Travel

2. Morning Around The World

3. I Suck At Goodbyes… Like, REALLY Suck At Them

4. Current Observations #2


road trip utah

6. What Does Pizza Look Like Around The World?

7. Weekly Small Pleasures #96

small pleasures

8. 11 Film and TV Coffee Shops You Can Visit For Real

tv film coffee shops infographic

9. Offbeat Travel Destinations In Chiang Mai, Thailand

10. Visually Impaired People Share Their Travel Experiences

Here’s to a less stressful and less hectic month!

Happy September!

1 thought on “Monthly Best of: August 2016

  1. Haha well then I wasn’t talking to you when I wrote that :p I love my loyal readers! Greatly appreciated.


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