82 Fun and Weird Soda Flavors Around The World

I confess I am not a soda drinker, never have been. I mean, of course I’ve had soda, but it’s never been regular in my diet. We never had soda in my household growing up in Mexico City and going out to restaurants my drink of choice was always limonada (limeade). But I do find interest in all things food and how it varies across cultures around the world. The sugary bubbly drink is sure loved across the globe, with each country having their favorite local. Let’s check out some of the weird soda flavors around the world.

While I’m never been a soda fan, it does bring me good memories. For example, Dr. Pepper reminds me of two of my best friends, because they were both obsessed with it years ago.

Yoli, a lime soda, reminds me of my many fun trips to Acapulco with family and friends.

Cute straws and limonada at “La Lorena” Restaurant in Mexico City

Thumbs Up, the Indian cola, and Limca, the Indian lime soda, remind me of my trips to India. I would usually order Limca at restaurants in India. Now I like ordering “fresh lime soda”, where they combine soda water with fresh lime juice, and sweetener on the side. Very refreshing.

Cherry coke is another one I used to very much enjoy every now and then during my trips to the USA, before I moved here.

And my mom used Mexican Cola as medicine a few times, given to me after almost-fainting blood sugar drops.

Root Beer provides not necessarily pleasant, but funny memories for me. Years ago, whenever we traveled with my stepfather, he often ordered Root Beer at restaurants. I always hated the taste of it. And every time he would casually ask me: “Hey would you like a sip of my coke?” and I would normally say yes. It was never coke.

None of the mentioned above are weird flavors, but the world has some very interesting, unique, and indeed weird and bizarre soda flavors. Although they might not seem so bizarre at their birth place.

For example, both Switzerland and South Korea have a garlic soda. Like the Laobamas Black Garlic soda, and Tamla Village’s Manuel Saem respectively.

Japan has a curry lemonade soda, that I feel might not be so terrible.

And Russia’s Tarkhun soda features tarragon.

There are other unique flavors in sodas around the world like yogurt, coffee, bird’s nest, and malt that might be worth a try, and some that might be best left on their shelves.

Check out the visual taxonomy of soda flavors around the world below:

The Flavors of Soda Around the World

[The Flavors of Soda Around the World by hometogo]

Do you have some good memories about soda? What is your favorite? And which of these weird flavors would you like to try?

2 thoughts on “82 Fun and Weird Soda Flavors Around The World

  1. Garlic soda 🙂 If your adventurous, I guess it is worth a try!
    You can bake a cake with 12 ounces of soda, and a mix.. no eggs, or oil are needed..
    ginger ail and spice cake has great reviews!


    1. Fun tip! I’ve heard of Guinness cake.


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