Monthly Best: June 2017

June. 2017… June marked the beginning of summer. June also brought some very fun moments including a Broadway performance and a laugh-out-loud-by-yourself-at-home internet video. June also brought a lot of emotional ups and downs for me, 99% sure they were completely related to pregnancy hormones. There were also some awesome thunderstorms I enjoyed as much as some cookies and brownies I had this month too.

All in all, I guess June was okay. I didn’t get to explore a new country like Slovenia or go on a zip lining adventure, but I also didn’t experience terrible news or terrible accidents or anything terrible really. Except for summer. Summer is bad news for me. But apparently, I’m not alone (the forecast thing and the last one are so true!). Especially in a place like Texas.

So, if you ever stop hearing from me for over, say, two weeks, in the next few months, come looking for me or send help because I’m probably melting, dehydrated, with a terrible headache, on the verge of death somewhere, maybe in a parking lot. Parking lots seem to be especially hot for some reason. Or maybe in a hospital suffering from 3rd-degree burns from seating on a scorching car seat that was in the sun.

Anyway, that’s enough dramatization.

Check out the best posts of the month, in case you missed any:

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Happy July!

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