Green Around The World

Amazing greens at the Eno River State Park in North Carolina.

I really like the color green because it depicts nature and its abundance which is found in this planet. It is a natural color that brings peace to our surroundings. Just imagine a world without trees and plants!

Because of its vastness, we can find green pretty much anywhere in the world but its meaning association may vary across nations and it is found in many country’s flags.

For example in Brazil it represents the royal family, in Bangladesh it stands for the lushness of the land and in Mexico it represents independence (beginnings) and now hope and prosperity.

Below is some green I have captured around the world.

Eno River State Park, NC
acapulco pool mexico coconut
Enjoying the green palms and fresh coconut water in Acapulco, Mexico
tomato tasting farmers market durham nc6
Green Zebra tomatoes from the tomato tasting at the Durham Farmers Market
portland saltandstraw nature bamboo
Green bamboo found in the streets of Portland, OR
portland division tea house art
An awesome art sign from a teahouse in Portland, OR
The cats green eyes camouflage in the green grass (in our backyard in India)
washington drive9
Green driving along the Columbia on the Washington State side.
bright indian women
Bright green sari.
syncline winery washington2
Grape vineyard at Syncline Winery, Washington
Green trees surround me as I walk up the hill with my bike.
hidden beach
The secret tunnel leads to a hidden forest that leads to a river beach. (In Oregon)
veggie market india
Lots of green veggies at the market in India.
flowers portland8
Curious green plants.
The fresh underground waters in a cenote in Cancun.
Different shades of green surround a cenote in Cancun.
king ahmed tomb india3
Tall green grass near King Ahmed’s Tomb in India.
Carnivorous plant at a Duke University greenhouse
Carnivorous plant at a Duke University greenhouse.
Two Russian beers and two dirty shoes.
Enjoying a Russia beer on the green grass of Saint Petersburg.
vienna Schonbrunn Palace gardens
Manicured green garden in Vienna, Austria.
tulip farm oregon josh2
Mostly green around the bright colored tulips.
A container of hay? In India.
A green container of hay? In India.
imac green
My green iMac still lives in my hometown apartment bedroom.
A green sign in Seattle.
washington park rose test garden
Lots of green at the Washington Park Rose Test Garden, Portland
Beginnings of an Indian dish , in rural India.
field farmers
A green mung bean harvest in rural India.
A green background behind an Indian squirrel.
Which one was your favorite?

17 thoughts on “Green Around The World

  1. Hola Mani. A great post (though I’m rather for blue myself)
    Me encanta el gato verde! (Soy un poco daltónico!)
    Buena semana


  2. Wonderful greens for this week’s challenge. Thanks 🙂


  3. What a wonderful collection. As often is the case your photos from India are my top picks. Such gorgeous color.


    1. Thanks Sue.. I like the India ones too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love green, too! One of the best parts of making landfall after a sea crossing is the lush green, so refreshing and wonderful after weeks of blue waves.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. taylorfamilyurbanfarm October 22, 2014 — 12:39 pm

    My favorite color!


  6. My favourite colour and a great gallery! The top pictures look just like in Sweden!


  7. Wonderful pictures and exciting travels…


  8. Wonderful pictures and exciting travels…


  9. I loved all your greens. This is a great collection Mani ! 🙂


  10. I loved all your greens. This is a great collection Mani ! 🙂


  11. Loved the Indian green Toor daal plant 🙂


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