Monthly Best Of: January 2015


This month was pretty good I guess. Nothing too bad happened, the month started by our car getting broken into and hubby’s work laptop was stolen which wasn’t insured (just the damages to the car were), and it sucked but after that incident things seemed to flow. I progressed on my physical fitness, I progressed in my cooking skills, and we even started the process to become Red Cross volunteers. We also made some new connections with the community.

We just feel like there is a lot of energy coming into 2015 and we are curious to see how it will affect our lives.

Here are the best posts of January based on most views and likes:

1. An Overdue Personal Update – Starting the year with a bang! 

Our current home.
Our current home.

2. 25 Things I Did Before Turning 25 

full frame festival volunteer
Volunteering at the Full Frame Festival.

3. My Husband’s Wisdom OR Shit My Husband Says 

Swich off mobile at the gas station in India.
Hubby at the gas station in India.

4. Flourless Date Coconut Brownies (Gluten-Free, Paleo, Vegan) 

5. Shadows Around The World 

astoria oregon shadow

6. The Most Photogenic Beach I Have Been To: Cannon Beach, Oregon 

cannon beach oregon5

7. Doors Around The World  

king ahmed tomb india18

8. Laughter Around The World 

womenlaundry india

9. Sparkle Around The World 

museum of flight seattle
“Carrying the Fire” pin

10. Cucumber Mango Green Smoothie

The Most Views Award Goes To:

Forget about New Year’s Resolutions. This year, I’m making a Fuck It List. 

The Most Likes Award Goes To:

Serenity Around The World 

Have a wonderful February!

1 thought on “Monthly Best Of: January 2015

  1. I’m smiling at your post of what your husband says. Great to have so much laughter in a marriage.

    Liked by 1 person

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