Turquoise Around The World

cancun xel ha dolphins
The turquoise dolphin waters at Xel Ha, Cancun

I just love the color turquoise which is a combination of green and blue and takes its name from the turquoise gem. I don’t have a favorite color but this one is definitely a contender.

I love that peaceful characteristic that comes from green and blue and together become a bright and cheerful color. I have captured the color turquoise around the world from Mexican waters to Indian walls but none in Turkey which is where the color name comes from as the gem was originally imported from Turkey, and turquoise is French for Turkish. 

mpr india cat
A sleeping cat soaking the sun next to a turquoise fence.
Get invited to local's birthday party.
Turquoise walls at this birthday party in India.
dhuni india fire5
A beautiful sari on the right with turquoise hues.
mercado de jamaica mexico food
The woman’s turquoise shirt stands out from the colorful photo at the mercado de Jamaica, Mexico City.
feet fish tank india
These indian men submerge their feet in turquoise waters to have fish clean their feet.
acapulco mexico beach28
The seas in Acapulco are a clear turquoise compared to the blue of the sky.
portland barbershop11
Turquoise in the background in this regular portland scene.
And if none of the fruity stuff satisfies you, you can get some crunchy savory snacks instead.
This Indian man’s snack stall is painted in colorful turquoise.
cityfair portland10
The Sea Dragon has a turquoise base at the City Fair in Portland.
Painted flowers in India.
A turquoise fence.
powells portland worry dolls
Guatemalan worry dolls in a turquoise package.
After 3-5 days in Budapest, take the train to Vienna!
At the train station in Budapest, I found some turquoise.
Vienna, Austria
A beautiful turquoise dome in Vienna, Austria
india street colors woman
Another turquoise wall in India.
The Seaside, Oregon welcome art is well matched with turquoise.
And a turquoise trashcan lends itself for me to feed the squirrel in India.

Which one was your favorite?

10 thoughts on “Turquoise Around The World

  1. I love the lady in front of the wall. I did something similar on my blue.. shades of blue.. especially after visiting Morocco. Happy travels, Cheryl


  2. The turquoise sari was my favorite. It’s almost like she dressed for the environment. It’s always shocking to see vibrant turquoise in public, no matter how many times you see it.


  3. I love the colour turquoise too – my favourite turquoise thing has to be the sea though. A gorgeous clear turquoise water against a white sandy beach. Blissful! Great photos 🙂


  4. Turquesa is my absolute favourite colour. I loved the first pic with the dolphin, the cat lazing in front of the fence and the Viennese dome. I remember when I went to Sedona, Arizona, there was a lot of the contrasting colours of ‘terracotta’ and ‘turquoise’. Great colour to feature 🙂


    1. oooh terracota and turquoise combination sounds amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Turquoise is my favorite color too, turquoise gemstone are awesome, I have good collection of turquoise earrings, bracelets, finger rings etc.


  6. I love the dome in Vienna! Beautiful.


  7. Wow, those dolphins! And the squirrel was so cute!


  8. Girl Gone Expat March 22, 2015 — 4:00 pm

    Turquoise is definitely one of my fav colours. Love that turquoise snack shack:)


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