Monthly Best Of: May 2016

may best

May went by crazy fast for me. But that’s what happens when you’re enjoying yourself, isn’t it? Even though I definitely had some rough days, physically and emotionally, I had an overall very happy month with genuine happiness brought not by materialism (although there were a few of those moments, by doing some of my favorite things). I even found myself singing out loud outside with no music playing except for in my head. You know how often I do that? Never. I am grateful for what life and God have given me since my last birthday back in late April, a great gift. And I’m going to leave you hanging about the specifics.

But I won’t leave you hanging about sharing the best posts of the month based on views and likes. In case you missed any. Here they are:

1. Faces Around The World

father and son

2. Jubilant Around The World

long beach 06700

3. 8 Packing Techniques That Will Save You Space In Your Suitcase

packing techniques

4. Generation Gap: What Your Age Says About How You Travel

5. Weekly Small Pleasures #85

small pleasures

6. Drinking My Way Around Portland, Oregon

barista coffee portland me2

7. How to Visit Cuba on a Budget

8. Life and Travel Lessons from Tyler Durden

9. Top 5 Tips For Seattle Vacations

Pike Place Market Seattle

10. Xpat Matt’s Budget-Friendly Adventures in the American West

Have an amazing June!

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