Monthly Best Of: December 2014 – Happy New Year’s!


December came and went and it was all about the holiday spirit and winter. I traveled to my hometown, had a few holiday dinners in two different countries, received amazing gifts (not gonna lie) and was successful at making my first flan. 

2014 was pretty unexpected. I traveled to my hometown 3 times, we moved to the country to a historical schoolhouse, I finally received my permanent residence card (aka green card), we bought and sold a sailboat, I succeeded at countless new recipe attempts, made a ton of smoothies, I started an intense workout routine (crossfit classes), roadtripped to different places in Oregon, achieved the biggest hike of my life so far, we got kittens, and we mourned the death of Robin Williams. I seriously have no idea what 2015 will look like to us.

So here’s to a Happy New Year! And here are the best posts of December based on most views and likes:

1. This Week’s Small Pleasures #28 


2. Christmas Around The World 

Christmas in London by Ludovic Landry

3. How To Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel

germs plane travel

4. What’s In My Bag When I Travel By Air


5. My Ideal Taste of Travel Menu


6. Magical Portland in The Winter

portland night courtyard

7. My Writing Process

8. Cucumber Mint and Honeydew Smoothie

honeydew green smoothie3

9. Mercado de Jamaica – A Must Visit In Mexico City Part I

mercado de jamaica mexico22

10. Warmth Around The World


The Most Views and Likes Award Goes To:
Gone, But Not Forgotten

How was your 2014? Happy New Year’s!

2 thoughts on “Monthly Best Of: December 2014 – Happy New Year’s!

  1. I look forward to following more of your journey in 2015. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!


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