Monthly Best Of: November 2015


I had a busy blogging month apparently and I hope you enjoyed the content. It was also a generally good month.

Hubby and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary, made a spontaneous visit to one of my favorite mountains (Mt Hood), dined at our two of our favorite places in the city, went to the movie theater a few times, and stayed at home and snuggled while watching tv many other times. There were also lots of surprise treats that crossed my path from chocolate cake to gelato. 

I continued my crossfit workouts and still managed to keep my usual weight (not something that I really care much about). I even begun oil painting again! Something that I’ve been wanting to do for years! The holiday season also begun and we can feel the uplifting energy from people around. There were lots of bad things happening on the news and I hope that in spite of all the evil going on in the world we can all find peace and love in our hearts for one another.

And here are your favorite posts of the month based on most views and likes:

1. Around The World In 15 Snacks

snacks around the world

2. 4 Things That Can Affect Your Health When Travelling

3. Charlie Chaplin’s Speech From The Great Dictator (1940) – One of the Greatest Speeches in the History of Cinema

4. Kulture Shop in Mumbai – Premium Lifestyle Brand and Graphic Art 


5. Food Trucks Roll Into India – Here Are 7 To Try

6. Trios Around The World  

7. 63 Themed Hotels From All Over The World 

8. 5 to 1 – Short Personal Lists


9. Meherazad – A Little Piece of Paradise on Earth 

india2015 meherazad10

10. Protein Cacao Snack Truffles  

cacao snack truffles4

And the winners with the most views and likes are:

Why Culture Shock Is Good For You
Ornate Around The World 

Which was your favorite post?

Have an absolutely wonderful December!

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